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4 units VOLVO road wrecker for China Government high-way project


4 units VOLVO Road Wrecker for China Government high-way project


Road wrecker (also can be called Good quality volvo Road Wrecker truck, volvo Towing vehicles, Flatbed Tow Road Wrecker Truck, Mini road wrecker flatbed road wrecker), which is used for safety salvage of vehicles subject to city road, suburb way, highway, airport and bridge road. It is suitable for medium and small-sized cargos, cars and other special vehicles, which are allowed within the technical parameters of this kind.


As the most professional china Road Wrecker trucks in china, we produce wrecker upper structurer on original VOLVO truck chassis. Besides professional truck service and street wrecker truck manufacturer, we have great advantage on producing heavy type top quality VOLVO road resuce trucks and VOLVO wreckers.


VOLVO 8*4 model road wrecker truck with original VOLVO chassis, mounted with heavy type wrecker superstructure, service for China government high-way project:

VOLVO road wrecker


VOLVO road wrecker


VOLVO road wrecker 


Why customer choose CEEC TRUCKS produced VOLVO road wrecker?

VOLVO road wrecker


VOLVO road wrecker


Watch VOLVO Road Wrecker on YOUTUBE

Volvo road wrecker on sale:       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaiTEKheFZ0

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