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north benz beiben 40 CBM oil tanker truck

40000L Fuel Bowser Beiben

North Benz 40 CBM oil tanker truck, WP10.380 engine, FAST 12 shift manual gearbox, high strength chassis with original benz technology. ZF steering device for safety driving.

  • Product Origin:

    China CEEC
  • Shipping Port:

    Shanghai Seaport
  • Lead Time:

    30 Days
  • Payment:

    T/T, West Union
  • FOB Price:

    USD $53,000-65,000
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Kenya 40,000 Liters Beiben 3138 fuel tanker truck


beiben 40CBM fuel bowser

Professinal beiben 40000 liters fuel tanker truck supplier from china

100% BEIBEN NG80B FUEL truck supplier from china baotou beiben heavy duty truck co.,limited. China beiben 40 CBM fuel tanker truck manufacturer, using original north benz technology china assembly beiben chassis, weichai 380 hp engine, ZF steering device. all our beiben 12 wheelers beiben fuel bowser have good reputation in most africa country, such as CONGO, GHANA, ALGERIA, tanzania, kenya country.

Currently , we can produce and supply beiben 6*4 fuel truck and beiben 8*4 wheeler fuel tanker trucks.


beiben 40CBM oil tanker drawing


Advanced features for Beiben 12 wheeler fuel trucks:

Beiben 40000 Liters fuel tanker body can be carbon steel, polyethylene, stainless steel and aluminum

The 40 CBM fuel bowser consist of special tank, fuel pump, pipeline assembly and other specil configuration

Tank shape can be oval, circumference, rotundity for requirement

Chemical pump adopt famous reliable pump, stainess pump available

Tank inside is installed regular antti-wave clapboard. It's completely detected by high pressure air tightness. High strength tank, stable gravity, safety drive.

Main parts for North Benz 40 CBM oil tanker vehicles


40 CBM Oil tanker truck Parts


Kenya Mombasa customer choose Beiben 40 CBM fuel bowser:


Beiben 12 wheeler fuel trucks


Beiben 12 wheeler fuel trucks


Beiben 40 CBM fuel trucks producing


Beiben 40 CBM fuel trucks producing


Beiben 40 CBM fuel trucks producing    Beiben 12 wheeler fuel trucks


Beiben 12 wheeler fuel trucks    Beiben 12 wheeler fuel trucks


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beiben 20 CBM fuel tanker features

Vehicle Description

Vehicle model

Beiben 40000 Liters fuell tank truck

GVW (kg)


Mass in working order (kg)


Overall dimensions (mm)


Fact loading capacity (L)


Max. Speed (km/h)


Chassis Description

Chassis Model

Beiben 3138 chassis


Standard cabin with Left hand drive



Allowable person in cab


Wheel base (mm)


Front/Rear track base (mm)


Front/Rear overhang (mm)


Number of axles



Front axle


Rear axle


Traction system


Operation control system

Power steering

Braking system

Full air

Electric system



FAST 12 speed

Spring plate


Tire specification


Tire quantity


Engine Description

Engine model


Emission standard

Euro 2 / 3


9726 cc /280

Horse power


Up-parts Description

Tank Dimension (mm)


Standard Equipment

1. Equipped with oil pump, oil interface, oil hose suite, flow gauge.

2. Tank is made of 5mm carbon steel .The whole tank can be separated into several unattached parts. Diaphragm is welded in the middle of tank to reduce the pressure during the transportation.

3. Antirust paint is pained and container indicator is installed to show the capacity of the tank during the pump in or out.

4. In order to ensure the tank pressure and atmospheric pressure are basically the same during their working, breathing valve is installed in the covered pot CUHK .When the tank pressure is higher than the outside pressure 8KPa, the front breathing valve would open; when the tank pressure is lower than the outside pressure 3KPa , the real breathing valve would open.

Working Condition:

1,Altitude: 0-4500m

2,Temperature: -350C~+450C

3,Relative humidity: 80%

4,Wind force: ≤8 degree


 beiben 40CBM oil tanker truck


CEEC Recommend environmental protection truck series





Beiben 40000 liters fuel tanker trucks, and best sell in Africa Kenya Mombasa, Congo Pointe Noire

WEICHAI engine WP10.380E32, Euro 2 / 3 emission, strongly 380ps, and FAST 9shift manual mechinical gearbox

Beiben 3138 fuel bowser fuel loading capacity can be up to 40CBM, good performance

Specific heavy truck metallic framework and stressed-skin construction, processing security of same level of European automobiles

material can be carbon steel, polyethylene, stainless steel and aluminum, with thickness over 5mm


Why Africa customer choose Beiben 40 CBM fuel tanker truck?


China best beiben 40 CBM fuel tanker trucks manufactured by CEEC TRUCKS. which use original baotou produced Beiben 3138 heavy duty mixer truck chassis, with weichai WP10.380E32 engine, Euro 3 emission. Our beiben cement mixer truck plant very big and have 128 skilled workers specially on producing concrete mixer trucks. And benz 3138 mixer trucks can be widely export Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Cameroon countries. Below show beiben mixer trucks plant.


beiben 40CBM oil tanker truck

(beiben 3138 fuel tanker truck with semitrailer for fuel transportation in Russia countries)

beiben 40CBM oil tanker truck

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      40000L Fuel Bowser Beiben
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