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Dubai import ISUZU 5000 liters fuel tanker truck


Dubai privite customer purchase one untis ISUZU 5000 liters fuel tanker truck from us CEEC. which mainly used for fuel collection, transportation and refueling. and service in Dubai Jabel Ali for truck refueling in mining aerial.

The ISUZU 5 CBM oil tanker truck purchased by Dubai customer, on June 18th only after 7 days production the fuel tanker truck well finished and ready delivery to Shanghai seaport.

ISUZU fuel tanker truck to Dubai

(ISUZU 5000 liters fuel tanker truck arrived at Shanghai seaport and workers is fasten the fuel truck for lifting)

ISUZU fuel tanker truck to Dubai

(ISUZU 5 CBM oil tanker truck lifting to the bulk ship and ready to delivery to Dubai Jabel Ali)

ISUZU fuel tanker truck to Dubai

(ISUZU 1200 gallons oil bowser fasten on bulk ship and ready to shipping to Dubai)

ISUZU 5CBM Fuel tanker truck (also called oil transport truck, oil truck tanker, light fuel tank truck, truck tank fuel, petrol tanker, petrol fuel tank, diesel dispensing truck) is used to transport oil, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, etc. It can be divided into many compartments to transport different types of fuels, lubricant, crude oil, alcohol. Oil pump equipped, with pump in pump out function.

ISUZU 5000L Fuel tanker truck drawing

Why customer choose ISUZU fuel bowser from us CEEC company?

◆ World-class ISUZU heavy duty Chassis, High power and Fuel efficiency, Reliability, Uptime

◆ High-power, Lighten weight, Nice performance, widely used in oil station and some logistic companies

◆ We use OEM fittings, makes the tanker solid and durable, and reduce the cost to operate and maintain.

◆ The liquid tanker is produced with the special equipments such as automatic welding machine(8m) and CNC plasma cutting and automatic submerged arc welding forming which can realize welding by one side in shape by two sides, having the merits of stable quality, less cost, and good-looking.

◆ Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum Tanks Available

◆ Colors can be customized.

◆ Tank capacity can be customized. 5000L to 25000Liters

ISUZU 5000L Fuel tanker truck

(ISUZU 5 CBM oil tanker truck display in our factory)

ISUZU 5000L Fuel tanker truck

(ISUZU 5000 liters fuel wagon truck export Myanmar, Dubai, Phillippine, Malaysis)

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ISUZU 5,000 liters fuel tanker truck for Dubai

Driving Type

4x2    (Left hand drive)


4175 mm


139 kw (190hp)





Carbon steel(Q345)

Shell Body

5 mm nominal thickness


6 mm nominal thickness


3mm nominal thick, wave shape, four pieces with Ø 500mm service port

Tank shape



Full capacity 7000L



Shell Finish

Shot blasted with 1anti-rust, 1 base coat and 1 finishing coat, the color of tank is according to customer requirement.

Testing Pressure

36kPa, Water pressure test

Tank Fittings

Top inlet port


Manhole Cover

Aluminum alloy, 20” self-latching manhole cover, with air-van.

Outlet port:

One pneumatic sea valve which at the front of tank, the size of outlet port is 3 inches, fix all connector.

Pipe box:

It made of PVC material, round shape which on the both sides of tank, one plastic pipe (5m)

Anti –Static System:

Static electricity plate , copper plate and earth cable reel

Tank Accessories


Stainless Steel ladder fixed at rear of tank

Walkway Platform:

It fixed on the top of tank with anti – skid surface treatment.



Fire Extinguisher Housing:

2 units, suitable for 4 kg’s fire extinguisher

Pump Device


Flow meter


Tool box

Small box


As optional



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