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East Asia customer purchase 5cbm road sweeper kit as samply order


East Asia country customer purchase 5cbm road sweeper kit as sample order


Client: East Asia Country Company

Project: Road Sweeper Truck, Road Sweeper supertructure

Year: 2017.7

Project Background: East Asia country customer belong to the government, because for the 2017 new year Environmental Project, customer has totally need 20 units road sweeper truck kit to be used in the country. June 18th, customer confirmed the order about purchasing 1 unit 5000 liters Road Sweeper Superstructure as sample order. Based on the LHD driving model and customer preferred FOTON & ISUZU chassis CAD drawing, To better perform the first road sweeper superstructure, our Engineers come to customer factory for local assembly & training.

Key Pointes:

       → Road Sweeper truck

       → Road Sweeper Superstructure

       → Genuine spare parts


CEEC 5cbm road sweeper superstructure export East Asia country

(CEEC 5cbm road sweeper superstructure loading on container)


Road Sweeper Superstructure (also called vacuum road sweeping kit, trash collection superstructure, road cleaning vehicle kit, vacuum road sweeper superstructure ) is designed for daily sweeping in community, city, highway, construction site, overhead roads, bridges, squares, airports as well as docks with asphalt concrete and cement concrete road surface.


CEEC TRUCKS 5000L road sweeper kit is best selling model, which use whole stainless steel material tanker, Original Italy or America motor for easy operation, ISUZU or JMC 57KW auxiliary engine, efficiently avoiding secondary pollution.


The road sweeper superstructure with with all painting color and logos depend on requirement. And can be mounted on ISUZU, HINO, MITSUBISH chassis, with LHD & RHD model optional


CEEC 5cbm road sweeper superstructure export East Asia country


CEEC 5cbm road sweeper superstructure export East Asia country


CEEC 5cbm road sweeper superstructure export East Asia country


CEEC 5cbm road sweeper superstructure export East Asia country


Watch CEEC Road Sweeper Kit on YOUTUBE

5CBM road sweeper superstructure under production:       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEaK1FccCmE









5000 liters road sweeper up-body Container delivery         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aocnpVlPK90






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How to build a good quality and choose best Road Sweeper Kit?



Dubai 5 CBM Road Sweeper Up-Body specification:



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