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Myanmar 6 units ISUZU road sweeper truck 8 CBM


Previously, CEEC TRUCKS INDUSTRY CO., LIMITED export one unit ISUZU 8CBM good quality road sweeper truck to Myanmar, This road sweeper delivery to Yangon as a sample truck. Soon later, we CEEC got the second order from our Myanmar customer about purchasing another same 6 units road sweeper truck to Yangon. And after only one month production, the total 6 units road sweeping trucks are all send to the SHANGHAI Seaport and ready for shipment. Below show 6 units at shanghai seaport and ready for lifting on ship:

ISUZU road sweeper truck export Myanmar

(Totally 6 units ISUZU road sweeper truck arrived at shanghai seaport)

ISUZU road sweeper truck export Myanmar

(ISUZU 8 cbm road sweeper truck lifting up to the bulk ship and ready deliver to Myanmar Yangon)

Why Myanmar customer choose ISUZU 8 CBM street sweeping truck from China CEEC?

1. We CEEC TRUCKS are manufacturer, specializing in producing Road Sweeper truck many years with good reputation.

2. The ISUZU 8CBM Road Sweeper trucks have 4 Sweepers in the middle and Rear Suction Nozzle. Sweeping plates have 3 forms of operations: Full Sweeping, Front-Left or Front-Right Sweeping. It is also able to avoid obstacle automatically.

3. English version control panel for all easy control, and easy maintenance for all dongfeng road sweeper truck.

ISUZU Road Sweeper Truck     ISUZU Road Sweeper Truck

4. High performance Stainless Steel both for the rubbish tank & water tank, which can longer extend the life of our road sweeper truck. And the rubbish tank capacity is 8CBM, the water tank capacity is 1CBM.

5. Auxiliary engine overspeed display: Alarm indicator display once in excessive speed situation. It will inform driver to forward the manual accelerator, then to reduce engine speed.

6. Beiben 8CBM Road sweeper trucks have several warning system, including low water position for water box, vehicle working and reversing, auxiliary engine water temperature, engine oil pressure, hydraulic oil leakage, dustbin tipping and return position, rear door opening and closing, etc.

7. Front street sweeper, with a combination of cleaning and sucking, is medium-scale special vehicle for road cleaning. The chassis is famous China DongFeng brand high-end chassis. And the vehicle is mainly used for cleaning city streets, squares and large factories and mines. The vehicle enjoys high efficiency, reliability and boasts good outlook with clear features.

ISUZU Road Sweeper Truck


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ISUZU 8 CBM Road Sweeper Truck

Driving Type

4x2    (Left hand drive)


3815 mm

Overall Dimension

6900X2300X2723 mm


Forward control over engine, all-steel-welded construction

Sweeping System

Auxiliary engine

Isuzu tech engine

Stainless Steel Hopper Effective Volume


Stainless Steel Water Tank Volume (L)


Sweeping Width (mm)


Sweeping speed (km/h)


Sweeping Capacity (m2/h)


Blower rated rotation speed (rpm)


Blower air capacity (m3/h)


Blower air pressure (Pa)


Side Brush Sweeping Brush Drive and Control

Electric control lever and switch control, Hydraulic driving





Diesel, turbo charged inter-cooled, 4 cylinder

Max. Power

140 KW (190 HP)


MSB 5-shift, mechanical type, 5 forward and 1 reverse with




White   (Any color & logos up to wish)

Max Speed

100 km/h


ISUZU 8000 liters road sweeper truck in factory ready for delivery to Shanghai seaport:

ISUZU road sweeper truck export Myanmar

(Japanese tech ISUZU road sweeper truck ready for shipment)

ISUZU road sweeper truck export Myanmar

(Rear view for Myanmar Yangon ISUZU 8 CBM road sweeper truck)SaveSave


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