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Project in Nigeria Country Lagos


Client: Lagos Clients

Project: Factory Cleaning project Downtown of Lagos

Year: 2016

Project Background: Our Nigeria customer engaged in a big factory in Nigeria Lagos, Which usually need 8 people to clean the factory everyday, to decrease the factory clean project cost & increase the cleaning efficiency, Our customer company decide to purchase 2 units road sweeper for their factory daily cleaning project. After 15 working-days production our customer fly to China for field trip & their road sweeper inspection. During their visiting in our factory in Suizhou Hubei, China, they visit our Road Sweeper Trucks workplant, also test the road sweeper truck.

Key Pointes:

       → ISUZU 5CBM Road Sweeper Truck

       → Road Sweeper Superstructure

       → One Year warranty with genuine spare parts                       


ISUZU 5cbm road sweeper truck export Nigeria 


Advantages for Nigeria ISUZU road sweeper trucks:

  Easy operation and easy maintenance for all sweeper trucks!

  Combined suction and sweeping, wet methods ofdust elimination, make sure swept clean and also prevent dust from spread

  The dustbin is made of stainless steel,corrosion resistance and large capacity, which can last for a long time withoutstop

  ISUZU sweeping trucks With imported PLC (programmable logiccontroller) for integrated control

  Sub-engine drive blower and working equipmentwhich ensure that power can meet the work demands in any case

  Rotating speed of sweeping tray can beadjusted according to working condition

  The sweeping broom has the protectionfunction and automatic reset function, which can avoid obstacles automaticallyand return automatically

  The whole reasonable distribution structure,nice look, complete functions and sound stability

  The cab with air-conditioner creates acomfortable operating condition, and centralized electric Control box has ahuman-oriented design for convenient operation

  Imported hydraulic-driving broom providespowerful sweeping performance with three-step adjustable brush.

  Multi-level spray system can effectivelylimit a second dust pollution


ISUZU 5cbm road sweeper truck export Nigeria


ISUZU 5cbm road sweeper truck export Nigeria

(Nigeria Customer checking all details for the ISUZU 5CBM road sweeper truck)  


Nigeria customer testing the ISUZU 5CBM road sweeper vehicle in our factory.


ISUZU 5cbm road sweeper truck export Nigeria   ISUZU 5cbm road sweeper truck export Nigeria 


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