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Phillippine Client Visited Us For Examing His ISUZU 4CBM Road Sweeper Truck


Environmental Project in Phillippine Country


Client: Phillippine Client

Project: Road Sweeping & Street Cleaning

Year: 2016

Project Background: Our Phillippine customer is best cooperation partner of local government in capital MALINA. To execut the Environmental Project better and efficiently, local government plan purchase totally tens of garbage compactor trucks, road sweeper trucks, water sprinkler trucks and roll on roll off garbage trucks. In consideration of the street situation and others, we CEEC TRUCKS recommend all with light duty trucks, ISUZU model and Dongfeng model for customer choose.

Key Pointes:

       → ISUZU 5 CBM garbage compactor truck

       → ISUZU 4 CBM road sweeper truck

       → Dongfeng 20 CBM water tanker truck

       → Dongfeng 10CBM skip refuse truck

       → Genuine Fuel trucks spare parts


Phillippine customer visit for testing ISUZU 5CBM Road sweeper truck

(3 client from Phillippine came to testing his ISUZU 4CBM road sweeper trucks)


As it is left hand drive in Phillippine, so this street sweeping truck is surely left hand drive. This ISUZU oil dispensing truck is equipped with original ISUZU 4HK1-TCG40 engine, 120 Hp. Single cabin, ISUZU MSB 5-shift manual gearbox. And as the requirement of our customer, dust tanker capacity 4000 Liters & water tanker capacity 1000 Liters, all use stainless steel material, super performance. Anyway, all CEEC produced special purpose trucks has customer required painting and logos for FREE.

Below show how does Phillippine customers inspecting his ISUZU 4CBM road sweeper trucks:


ISUZU 4CBM road sweeper truck for checking    ISUZU 4CBM road sweeper truck for checking

(Phillippine clients carefully checked every details of the ISUZU 4 CBM road sweeper truck)


ISUZU 4CBM road sweeper truck for checking    ISUZU 4CBM road sweeper truck for checking

(Client operated the road sweeper trucks by themselves under guaidance of CEEC engineer)


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