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Production 6CBM Garbage Compactor Truck (Part 1-CKD parts preparing)


In this step, we CEEC TRUCKS prepare all necessary CKD & SKD parts for Garbage Compactor trucks.

Garbage compactor truck also can be called also can be called Trash Compressor Truck, Refuse Compression Truck, Refuse Collection Truck, Rubbish Compactor Truck, Bin Lorry Truck etc. China NO.1 isuzu refuse compressor trucks are mainly designed and produced to collect, compress and transport municiple solid waste. Which widely export Asia Myanmar, Phillippine, Banglades, Africa Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, etc.


Firstly our Engineer Department will do research on the inquiry, when order confirmed, we will provide the refuse compressed truck Technical Drawing firstly; Then start prepare necessary CKD & SKD parts for trucks. Details as following:


1.Special Steel QSTE420TM material Tailgate Assembly & Waste Water Tanker

Whole view for all CEEC TRUCKS prepared 1600 gallons garbage compactor truck parts. Tailgate / Hopper Assembly and Waste water collection tank showing on it, which made from special design ISO9001 standard high strength steel


tailgate and waste water tank


tailgate assembly


2.ISO9001 standard hydraulic oil pipeline, the maximum pressure over 16Mpa


Hydraulic cylinder & Hydraulic oil Pipeline & SKD parts (including Box Iron, safety guard, etc). The hydraulic oil pipeline mainly used for hydraulic oil running to control hydraulic cylinder move, which can make the 6 yard waste management truck working.


whole view for garbage compactor truck parts


Hydraulic oil pipeline

3.International CE certificate Pressure Relay from Taiwan


CE Certificate standard Pressure Relay / Air Valves, which can be used control the 6000L trash compressor truck working speed


Air valve / Pressure Relay


Air valve / Pressure Relay


4.All CEEC supply compactor trucks use Casting & Forged parts   


Push Plate & Scraper all casting & forged with antirust painting, which has long life service and different from other company as the CKD & SKD parts are welding. and special used for ceec supply 6CBM refuse compress vehicles


push plate & scraper

5.Special design 6CBM garbage compressed truck body with High Strength Steel


Standard design for 6 CBM garbage compactor truck dimension, Based on customer special required, we CEEC can supply only Garbage Compactor Super Structure which can be refit on ISUZU RHD chassis, Mitsubish chassis, HINO chassis, and so on.


6CBM refuse compactor truck dimension


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