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 Sanitation truck manufacturer in china. we Customized china best quality garbage compactor truck, cesspit emptier, road sweeping truck, water tanker truck, jetting truck and other sanitation trucks. We have great advantage on producing sanitation vehicles, but also on supplying quality spare parts on waste management truck maintenance and after sale service.  As the most professional waste management special purpose trucks manufacturer, we can ensure the super quality garbage trucks based on china famous brand truck chassis or customer's require truck chassis.

  • FOTON 20,000Liters refuse compactor truck
    FOTON 20 CBM Refuse compactor truck

    Compressed garbage truck FOTON

    Rear loader compactor truck

    FONTON 6x4 Refuse compactor truck

    Garbage compactor truck

  • ISUZU 20cbm garbage compactor truck
    20CBM Garbage Compactor Truck ISUZU

    rear loader compactor truck

    waste collection vehicle

    compressed garbage truck

  • Japan-tech 20 CBM garbage compactor truck
    20 CBM garbage compactor truck

    ISUZU 20000 Litres refuse compactor truck

    Best perform ISUZU 20cbm refuse compactor truck on sale

  • howo 336HP china garbage truck 20 CBM capacity waste management vehicle
    SINOTRUK 20 m³ compressed refuse vehicle

    HOWO 20 m³ refuse compressed trucks on sale

    Best quality SINOTRUK 22 CBM garbage trucks compressor

  • Best 20 CBM dongfeng garbage compactor truck
    20 CBM compression refuse truck

    China best 20 CBM trash compression vehicle manufacturer

    Top quality Beiben heavy duty garbage compactor truck

  • 90km/h Max speed howo 336HP china garbage truck capacity 10wheel garbage truck
    Heavy 22 CBM China Garbage Compressor Truck 336HP

    HOWO 22 m³ refuse tanker compactor tipper lorry

  • Stainless steel material square street sweeping truck kit tanker
    Square Road Sweeper Body

    Road Sweeper truck

    ISUZU road sweeper truck stainless steel dust tanker assembly

    Stainless steel road sweeper kit tanker assembly

  • classicial round road sweeper body manufacture supply
    Curve Road Sweeper Body

    Road sweeper kit steel material body tanker

    Manufacture sale Round model street sweeper tanker

  • TOP quaity JMC 57kw auxiliary engine
    JMC 57kw Auxiliary Engine

    JMC 57kw Auxiliary Engine for FOTON auxiliary engine

    JMC 57kw Auxiliary Engine manufacturer supply

  • ISUZU technology Auxiliary engine with 57Kw power
    ISUZU 57kw Auxiliary Engine

    ISUZU 57kw road sweeper truck auxiliary engine

    Low price ISUZU street sweeper truck 57KW auxiliary engine

  • Electromagnetic Flow Valve factory directly export lowest price
    Electromagnetic Flow Valve

    ISUZU sweeper truck parts Electromagnetic Flow Valve

    Original Chinese top quality Electromagnetic Flow Valve

  • Road Sweep Truck fan assembly for dust suction
    Fan Assembly

    Street cleaning FOTON truck fan assembly

    ISUZU sweeper trucks KIT for SKD delivery

  • Brevini motor used for sweeping plate working
    Brevini Motor

    ISUZU high-tech road sweeper truck with Italy Brevini motor

    Brevini motor road sweeper truck

  • Stainless steel hydraulic oil pipeline sale
    Hydraulic Oil Steel Pipeline

    FOTON street sweeper truck manfuacturer low price hot sale

    4CBM mini road sweeper SKD parts supplier

  • Road sweeper truck & sweeper kit hydraulic oil tanker assembly
    Hydraulic Oil Tank

    FOTON Road sweeper truck hydraulic oil tanker system

    Dongfeng 5cbm sweeper truck hydraulic oil tank

  • sweeper bracket and plate service for road cleaning
    Sweeper Bracket & Plate

    FOTON road sweeper truck low price

    factory bottom price mini road sweeper vehicle

  • Road sweeper special used hydraulic cylinder low price
    Hydraulic Cylinder

    Low price sale road sweeper vehicle hot sale

    manufacture supply hydraulic cylinder for ISUZU 5CBM sweeper truck

  • ISUZU street sweeper trucks rear suction plate sale
    Suction Plate

    BEIBEN road sweeper truck parts rear suction plate

    road sweeper suction plate manufacturer supply

  • ISUZU road sweeper truck sweeper brushes sale
    Sweeper Brush

    Street sweeper vehicle brushes manyfacturer supply

    Sweeper brushes hot sale for CKD parts

  • manufacture supply water spraying bracket for Road Sweeper Truck
    Water Spraying Bracket

    ISUZU 5cbm road sweeper truck water spraying bracket

    Low price supply spraying bracket for ISUZU road sweeper

  • Road sweeper truck suction pipeline supplier
    Suction Pipeline

    road cleaning truck kit rear suction plate pipeline

    Low price road sweeper truck kit part rear suction plate

  • Road sweeper kit rear suction plate running wheel
    Suction Nozzle Wheel

    Manufacture provide suction nozzle wheel for road sweeper

    ISUZU 5CBM road sweeper truck rear nozzl wheel

  • Road sweeper truck kit English version control box
    Control Box

    Road sweeper superstructure kit control box

    Low price sale road sweeper main control box

  • ISUZU 5CBM road sweeper Superstructure arrow lamp
    LED Arrow Lamp

    Dongfeng 5CBM road cleaning vehicle warning light

    street sweep truck kit arrow light supply

  • ISUZU 5CBM road sweeper vehicle hand hydraulic pump
    Hand Hydraulic Pump

    Sweeper tanker lifting hydraulic pump

    Manufacture sale ISUZU 5CBM sweeper truck parts

  • Road Sweeper water pump parts
    Water Pump

    Manufacturer sale road sweeper parts

    2017 price supply road sweeper water pump

  • CEEC Road sweeper truck water filter
    Water Filter

    Road sweeping truck parts manufuacturer low price supply

    5CBM DONGFENG sweeper truck kit parts water filter

  • european standard 4m³ refuse compressor vehicle kit
    4 m³ garbage compactor truck

    Manufacture sale 4cbm trash compactor truck superstructure

    European 4000 liters garbage compactor truck kit

  • 2017 new model 4CBM garbage compactor truck kit hot sale
    4CBM garbage compactor Kit

    Manufacture supply 4cbm refuse compactor up-body hot sale

    4CBM garbage compressed truck superstructure manufacturer sale

  • european standard 8000 liters refuse compressed truck upper kit
    8 m³ garbage compactor truck kits

    8CBM garbage compactor kit with european model

    manufacturer low price sale 8CBM garbage compressed truck upper kit

  • Myanmar 6CBM compressed vehicle superstructure
    6CBM compressed vehicle kit

    6CBM compressed truck up-body factory sale

    low price supply 6000Liters compactor truck body

  • Austrial 8CBM refuse truck up body low price hot sale
    8 CBM refuse truck compactor kit

    Austrial 8CBM refuse compactor truck kit

    8CBM garbage compactor truck kit export Austrial good quality

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