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beiben 2538 RHD 380HP towing trucks export Kenya Mombasa

Beiben 2538S truck tractor

BEIBEN 380hp tractor truck China North Benz 2538 10 wheel tractor truck RHD model export Kenya Mombasa, maximum towing weight can be 50 T.

  • Product Origin:

    China CEEC
  • Shipping Port:

    Shanghai Seaport
  • Lead Time:

    30 Days
  • Payment:

    T/T, West Union
  • FOB Price:

    USD $41,900-49,000
  • Market Price:

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100% brand New beiben RHD 2538 tractor trucks Supplier


Beiben 2538 Tractor trucks wholesale


Authorized beiben trucks supplier CEEC TRUCKS can supply different model north benz tractor trucks: Beiben 1927, 1828 tractor trucks, beiben 2534, 2538, 2542 tractor head, north benz 2630, 2636, 2638 towing trucks. which are widely used for towing 2 axle semitrailers and 3 axle semi trailers. Top quality Beiben 6 wheeler tractors and 10 wheeler truck tractor with LHD & RHD are wide export Myanmar, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Togo, Djibouti, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Angola, etc.


RHD beiben 10 units tractor trucks 40 T towing capacity


Kenya and Zambia customer choose Beiben RHD tractor trucks advantages:

The driver's cab uses BeiBen new NG80B with attractive appearance

Specific heavy truck metallic framework + stressed-skin construction, possessing security of same level of European automobiles,

Fulfils European ECER29 safety and regulatory requirements

Stamping molding of frame only once ensures girder strength.

Axle of Bei Ben, unique technique of Benz, increasing reliability, oil-saving with high attendance rate

Reinforced structure is suitable for all kinds of heavy cargos.


beiben 6x4 tractor trucks drawing


RHD beiben 10 units tractor trucks export Kenya Mombasa


RHD beiben 10 units tractor trucks export Kenya Mombasa


Similar Key Works: Beiben RHD 6*4 tractor truck, Beiben 2638 RHD tractor head, benz 2638 towing trucks, Beiben 6*4 prime mover, Beiben 2538, 2638 tractor trucks, North benz 2542 towing truck, Kenya beiben 6*6 tractor trucks

Wheel base (mm)

3450+1450     Beiben RHD 2538 tractor trucks for Kenya Mombasa

Curb weight (kg)


Max Speed:(Km/h)




WD615.38, 380HP, water-cooled, four strokes, 6 cylinders straight in line, turbocharged

Fuel type


Min rate of consuming fuel(g/(kW.h))


Rated Power / rotating





Maximum Torque  

rotating speed(N.m/(r/min))




Fuel tanker capacity (L)




#430, Single dry frictional disc, Hydraulic boosting



12JS200T, mechanical type,12 Forward speed gear, 2 reverse gear

Gear ratio

12.1/9.41/7.31/5.71/4.46/3.48/2.71/2.11/1.64/1.28/1.00/0.78R1: 11.56   R2: 2.59

Brake system

Service brake

Brake gap can be adjusted automatically, double circulation air brake system

Assistant brake

Engine exhaust brake

Park brake

Potential springs pressing on middle and rear wheels  

Steering system


ZF8098,  whole circulation in ball type, hydraulic boosting

Suspension system

Front Suspension

Non-free standing leaf spring,telescopic shock absorber with stabilizer bar suspension

Rear Suspension

Non-free standing stabilization spring, stabilization suspension


Fish belly shape, variable width, variable sections

Cross section dimension of frame(mm)


Front axle

Double-shoe pneumatic brake, non-driving steering axle AL7/1DS-7/5.263

Middle and Rear axle

Double-shoe pneumatic brake, ductile casting casing, 

with hub redactor, double reduction driving axle

Middle axle: HD7/016DGS-13/5.263

Rear axle: HL7/015DS-13/5.263


12.00-24 (one spare tire)

Electrical system








Short cab, Full steel skeleton structure, covered with double layer steel plate; Can be tipped forwardly; with Air deflector

Interior trimming: Integral interior trimming, Integral instrument, digital instrument, inner A/C, radio  (with USB interface), high back/shock absorption seat for driver, high back seat for co-driver. Steering wheel can be adjusted.

Exterior trimming: Single layer road bumper, three steps, with new mirror. with outer sun visor


RHD beiben 10 units tractor trucks export Kenya Mombasa


RHD beiben 10 units tractor trucks export Kenya Mombasa


RHD beiben 10 units tractor trucks export Kenya Mombasa


RHD beiben 10 units tractor trucks export Kenya Mombasa    RHD beiben 10 units tractor trucks export Kenya Mombasa


RHD beiben 10 units tractor trucks export Kenya Mombasa    RHD beiben 10 units tractor trucks export Kenya Mombasa


Beiben 30T, 40T, 50T, 60T, 70T tractor truck on sale

Beiben 1927 Tractor Trucks

Beiben 2534 tractor truck

Benz 2534 towing truck

Beiben 2538 Prime mover

Beiben 2542 towing trucks

Beiben V3 2534 tractor trucks

North Benz 2546 prime mover



CEEC TRUCKS are authorized Beiben 2638 RHD tractor trucks supplier in China, who can supplier all kinds of north benz 6*4 prime movers.

Beiben RHD 2638 towing trucks use newly designed NG80B cabin, with air deflector on top of cab, Orange color is for Kenya customer requirement.

The price for Benz 2634 towing trucks are relatively at least 10% lower than European and Asian competitors.

Beiben truck and benz trucks share familiar gearboxes - ZF and Fuller Fast. mainly 9-shift manual gearbox and 12-sfhit manual transmissions.

Equipped with Mercedes Benz tractors used Weichai WD615, WP10 and WP12. They comply with Euro 2, 3 and 4 dimension, have displacements of 10 and 12 liters and HP of 270 to 480.

JOST ∮90 single direction towing seat for maximum 60T towing capacity and special used for fuel tanker semitrailer and low bed semitrailer.


Professional beiben tractor trucks and genuine beiben spare parts supplier


RHD beiben 10 units tractor trucks export Kenya Mombasa

(beiben 2538 RHD trucks at shanghai seaport ready lifting to Bulk ship delivery to Kenya Mombasa)


Beiben recommend genuine spare parts

(Genuine beiben spare parts supplier in China CEEC TRUCKS)

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      Beiben 2538S truck tractor
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