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TOP design dongfeng 8cbm cesspit emptier export Ecuador low price

Ecuador 8000 Liters vacuum suction truck supplier

Manfuacture supply 8CBM cesspit emptier, dongfeng EURO3 chassis, equipped with 160HP, 6-shift manual gearbox, suitable for all requirement, 8000 liters vacuum tanker, with material high strength carbon steel Q235, all painting and logos required.

  • Product Origin:

    China CEEC
  • Shipping Port:

    Shanghai Seaport
  • Lead Time:

    15 Days
  • Payment:

    T/T, West Union
  • FOB Price:

    USD $18,000-30,000
  • Market Price:

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Sewage Suction Vaucum truck (also called septic suction truck, sewage vacuum tank truck, sewer cleaning truck, sewage tanker, sewer truck, cesspit emptier, gully emptier, vacuum truck, gully emptier, waste vacuum tanker, vacuum tanker, sewage truck) is used to collect, transport and discharge liquid such as dirty water, sludge, septic, crude oil, and solid stuff such as small stones, bricks as well. It is suitable for cleaning the sewer, cesspit, cesspool, gully, etc. It is widely used in environment and sanitation field.

The tank of a sewer vacuum truck could be hydraulic lifted and the rear door of tank could be hydraulic opened for completely tipping sewage and solid stuff.


Ecuador customer buy 2 untis 8CBM Cesspit Emptier Dongfeng


DFAC 8CBM vacuum suction truck


Why customer like to buy Vacuum suction tanker trucks from CEEC TRUCKS?


1. Model: we have sewage suction truck and sewage suction cleaning truck;

2. Drive model: 4*2, 4*4, 6*2, 6*4, 8*4;

3.Equipments: round tank with material of carbon steel, high-power vacuum pump, dump body, back cover can be opened by hydraulic, back cover equipped with self-flowing hole and special valve, suction height can be 5-8 meter, equipped with special sewage suction pipe;

4. Tank capacity: we have tanks for 3-20CBM;

5. Right/Left hand drive, with A/C, single row or one and a half rows with sleeper.


dongfeng 8-10 CBM cesspit emptier drawing


Main Parameter for Dongfeng 8CBM vacuum sewage suction tanker truck:


Similar Keywords: septic suction truck, sludge tipper, sewer scavenger, vacuum tank, truck vacuum, sucker machine, sewage disposal truck, gully emptier, cesspool emptier, sewer suction truck…


Product Name

Dongfeng 4*2 vacuum sewage suction truck 8000 liters


 Single row cab, two doors, rated passengers 2 or 3






Chassis model


Drive type



10.00R20 with 1 spare tire

Tire No.


Braking System

air brake


Manual , 6 forward and 1 reverse



B190 33

fuel type


Horse Power(kw/hp)




Emission standard

Euro 3/2



Dimension & weight

Overall dimension (L*W*H/mm)


Axles No.


Curb Weight(kg)


Max speed(km/h)


performance parameter

Tank volume(L)


Tank material

5mm carbon steel or stainless steel ,round tank

Vacuum pump

high quality special vacuum pump, vertical suction lift is about 7-10m.

Standard configuration

inspect window, one gravity mouth, cleaning apparatus,5 meter long suction pipe, oil-water separators, overflow valve, etc, 

Main function

With self-priming, self-discharging function, with dump function, rear door is controlled by hydraulic,


DFAC 8CBM vacuum suction trucks export Ecuador


DFAC 8CBM vacuum suction trucks export Ecuador  


DFAC 8CBM vacuum suction trucks export Ecuador


DFAC 8CBM vacuum suction trucks export Ecuador 


DFAC 8CBM vacuum suction trucks export Ecuador


DFAC 8CBM vacuum suction trucks export Ecuador 


DFAC 8CBM vacuum suction trucks export Ecuador


CEEC Recommend environmental protection truck series ISUZU, Beiben Truck



Best selling model high quality DONGFENG 8 CBM cesspit emptier

Famous CUMMINS engine, B190 33 model, EURO 3 emission, 20% saved fuel consumption

6-shift manual gearbox, 6 forward & 1 reverse, provide all easy operation

Profession vacuum sewage suction trucks manufacturer experience over 10 years

High strength carbon steel Q345 material, thickness over 6mm

Chinese brand WEILONG vacuum suction pump, Import Darley vacuum pump for optional

12 months free fast moving spare parts

Training service for dongfeng 8CBM vacuum sewage suction trucks 2~3 days in CEEC working plant

8 CBM Cesspit Emptier Loading at Shanghai seaport shipping to Ecuador

Chinese dongfeng brand cesspit emptier is famous for the lowest price. Our Dongfeng 4000 L vacuum suction trucks, Dongfeng 10 CBM cesspit emptier and Faw 18 CBM septic pump trucks widely export to Africa countries. including Ecuador, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbarbwe, etc. Below show previous export Ecuador dongfeng 10000L vacuum suction trucks are delivering from Shanghai seaport to Guayaquil seaport.


dongfeng 10 CBM cesspit emptier    dongfeng 10 CBM cesspit emptier

(2 units Dongfeng 8CBM vacuum sewage suction truck arrived at shanghai seaport)


dongfeng 10 CBM cesspit emptier

(8000 L DFAC cesspit emptier lifting to the bulk ship and ready deliver to Ecuador Guayaquil seaport)


dongfeng 10 CBM cesspit emptier

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      Ecuador 8000 Liters vacuum suction truck supplier
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