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How to Build good quality Beiben water tanker truck?


How to manufacturer a best quality beiben water tanker?

Beiben water tanker trucks, also can be called as Beiben water tanker, Beiben water bowser, Beiben water wagons, Benz water carrier and beiben water transportation trucks. In many Africa countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Ethiopia, Botswana, Congo, Cameroon, etc. also can be called north benz water tanker, north benz water wagon.


Beiben water tanker trucks' manufacturing mainly can be broken down into following steps:


1. Choose most suitable Beiben truck chassis

Step 1, Engine type

Beiben 2529 water trucks with 290HP engine, Beiben 2534,3134 water wagons with 340HP engine, beiben 2538, 3138 water tanker truck with 380HP engine.

Step 2, Drive system

Beiben 4*2, 4*4, 6*4, 6*6, 8*4 drive model water truck.

Step 3, Cabin Mode

Beiben NG80A, NG80B and Beiben V3 water trucks vehicle.

Normally, the beiben water tanker trucks are produced on beiben 2527 truck 6*4 drive chassis, and beiben 2638 truck chassis. In other words, beiben 10 CBM capaicty water truck and beiben 20 CBM water browser are the most popular water trucks product in exporting.

Beiben 2534 RHD all-wheel-drive trucks chassis 

(north benz 2534 all-wheel-drive RHD truck chassis in factory for Beiben 20 CBM water tanker trucks production)


2. Choose most suitable water tanker system

Step 1, Water Tanker capacity

Beiben 10CBM, 20CBM, 30CBM, 40CBM water transportation

Step 2, Water tanker material

Beiben carbon steel water truck, beiben stainless steel water tanker truck, Beiben aluminum water delivery truck.


How to build good quality beiben water tanker trucks

(CEEC skilled workers are welding the 20 CBM beiben water tanker)


How to build good quality beiben water tanker trucks

(WEILONG brand water pump with good quality and better performance)


3. Installation of Water Pump and Water Tanker System

Step 1, Install the WEILONG water pump on beiben 2534 RHD truck chassis

Beiben 2534, 2538 truck chassis with LHD & RHD model for export to Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, Algeria.

Step 2, Install the advanced water tanker system on north benz 2534 all-wheel -drive truck chassis

Beiben 2534, 2538 military water tanker trucks, beiben 2534, 2538 water wagon.


How to build good quality beiben water tanker trucks

(Engineers and workers are testing the beiben 2534 water tanker trucks and install the WEILONG water pump)


How to build good quality beiben water tanker trucks

(Ready welding 20 CBM water tanker on the RHD beiben 2534 all-wheel-drive truck chassis)


After all these above being finished, then the newly Beiben RHD 2534 all wheel drive 20 CBM water tanker trucks are well produced and ready for painting and logos, which totally depend on customer requirement. Finally the beiben 20000 liters water bowser will delivery to Kenya Mombasa seaport from China Shanghai seaport


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