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Mongolia company import ISUZU Sanitation Trucks from CEEC TRUCKS


Mining Project in Mongolia Country


Client: Mongoli Company JGI

Project: Garbage Compactor Truck, Cesspit Emptier & Water Tanker Truck

Year: 2016.10

Project Background: Mongolia company JGI, which is engaged in mining job especially in copper. To execut the Mining Project better and efficiently, JGI company purchased 5 units 20000 liters water tanker truck; 2 units 10000 liters sewage suction truck; 1 unit 12000 liters refuse compactor truck, etc. Based on his budget and requirement, we company recommend top quality Japanese ISUZU chassis, which can surely build the workshop beautiful.

Key Pointes:

       → ISUZU 12 CBM garbage compactor truck

       → ISUZU 20 CBM water lorry truck

       → ISUZU 10 CBM cesspit emptier

       → Genuine ISUZU trucks spare parts


ISUZU sanitation trucks export Mongolia


As professional sanitation trucks manufacturer and genuine spare parts supplier, we CEEC TRUCKS produce and export hundreds of unit environmental protection trucks overseas. Our best selling model for sanitation trucks including following: Garbage Compactor truck, Road Sweeper Truck, Cesspit Emptier, Skip Loader Truck, Hook Loader Truck, Water Tanker Truck, etc.


JGI is one of biggest company engaged in mining project in Mongolia, who purchased totally 8 units 5 units 20000 liters water tanker truck; 2 units 10000 liters sewage suction truck and 1 unit 12000 liters refuse compactor truck, all trucks use ISUZU brand 4*2, 6*4 chassis with LHD model, ISUZU brand engine power with power range from 190HP to 240HP, 6-shift and 9-shift manual gearbox for choose. all painting and logos depend on customer requirement. Below you can see trucks customre required:


ISUZU 12 CBM garbage compactor truck export Mongolia

(ISUZU 12CBM compressed garbage truck, 190HP engine, MLD 6-shift manual gearbox, high strength material compactor body)


ISUZU 10CBM cesspit emptier manufacturer supply

(ISUZU 10CBM sludge tipper, 190HP engine, MLD 6-shift manual gearbox, WEILONG pump system)


ISUZU 20CBM water tanker trucks export Mongolia

(ISUZU 20CBM water distribution truck, 240HP engine, FAST 9-shift manual gearbox, WEILONG pump, carbon steel water tanker)


Watch ISUZU Sanitation Trucks on YOUTUBE

Mongolia ISUZU 12000 liters garbage compactor truck:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnN7Sl3WyaQ

Mongolia ISUZU 20000 liters water tanker truck         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTOeKJhtjjU




Mongolia ISUZU 10000 liters Cesspit Emptier        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfVKNSmm_S8


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Mongolia JGI company purchase 12CBM ISUZU Compactor truck ?



Mongolia JGI company purchase 10CBM ISUZU Sewage Tanker Truck ?



Mongolia JGI company purchase 20CBM ISUZU Water Lorry ?




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