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Best 20 CBM dongfeng garbage compactor truck

20 CBM compression refuse truck

China best beiben heavy duty 20cbm garbage compactor truck, with 240~360 HP engine, FAST 9-shift manual gearbox, Italy operation system and SIMENS PLC moudel for hot sale. carbon steel compactor body

  • Product Origin:

    China CEEC
  • Shipping Port:

    Shanghai seaport
  • Lead Time:

    15 Days
  • Payment:

    T/T, West Union
  • FOB Price:

    USD $49000-53000
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China Dongfeng 20 CBM compressed garbage truck


CEEC produced garbage compactor truck



The new generation BEIBEN 20 CBM  Refuse Garbage Compactor is mainly used in collecting and transporting the scattering refuse of the urban area, community, factory, schoolyard.

The refined appearance, the fully sealed truck body,the sealed door of the beiben 6*4 drive garbage compactor truck body is able to prevent the sewage from leakingduring transporting so that secondary pollution is avoided. The imported hydraulicunits are of the best quality with convenience and reliability. Automaticreverse unloading, clean and quickly.

As professional Dongfeng 6*4 trash compressor trucks manufacturer in China, we CEEC TRUCKS produced 20000 L garbage compactor trucks are famous for high quality and short delivery time. Below is our waste management equipment plant for reference:


CEEC garbage compactor truck company plant


Key Features:

◆  Easy operation and easy maintenance!

  With imported PLC (programmable logic controller) for integrated control

  Collecting refuse in sealed condition, equipping with wastewater tank, preventing re-pollution.

  Substantial truss structure, payload distributed appropriately in hopper lip, nodeformation.

  Automatic controlled throttle and hydraulic safety valves, avoiding power wastage, loweroil consumption.

  Automaticand manual operating control, improving operation reliability

  The engine power output control, namely the throttle control, can realize fullyautomatic control through the electronic throttle controller, so the enginewill automatically change to a higher speed or idle speed under differentoperating modes, thus avoiding power loss and system heat to reduce fuel consumption and realize good economical efficiency. 

  Both automatic and manual control modes are available. Two operation boxes mountedin the cab and at the rear side of the vehicle respectively can facilitate theoperation. 

 Different bin (hopper) tipping mechanisms are provided for different users to select in accordancewith different garbage collecting


heavy duty 20CBM rubbish compactor trucks    heavy duty 20CBM rubbish compactor trucks


heavy duty 20CBM rubbish compactor trucks export


heavy duty 20CBM rubbish compactor trucks display


Main control box in cabin    double rear control box at tailgate


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Garbage Compactor Truck Dongfeng Kinland (20)


Vehicle Brand


Chassis Brand

Dongfeng Kinland

Overall Dimension

10010X2496X3450 mm

GVW / Kerb Weight

25,000 kg / 14,505 kg


Cab Capacity

3 persons allowed

Air Conditioner

Air conditioner equipped


Fuel Type


Engine Brand

Cummins engine


260 Hp (191 KW)


8300 ml

Emission Standard



Drive Type

6X4, Right hand drive


9 front and 1 reverse

Wheelbase/No. of axle

4350+1300 mm / 3

Tyre Specification


Tyre Number

10 tyres and 1 spare tyre

Max Speed

80 km/h


Metallic paint

Superstructure and the main characteristic

Garbage box Capacity

20 ( 5,284gallons)

Garbage box Material

Carbon steel

1: Can choose 240Lsingle bindouble binsor 360L660L1100L standard bin lifting and turnover mechanismcan also choose ground hopper and other kinds of loading mechanism.

2: With manual and automatic two sets of control method, the operator can control in the cabin, in the middle side or the back of the truck , very convenient and efficient.

3: With working device of emergency braking stop button.

4: Garbage body use frame design, elegant, strong structure, large effective capacity.

5: Equipped with special collection box, sewage directly into the sewage tank in the process of compression, that is effectively prevent second pollution caused by sewage leaks.

6: Through hydraulic system design, the truck achieve the function of two-way garbage compression, that is improve the compressibility ,make the compression ratio up to 1:2.5,the garbage can reach more then 600800kgm3 after compression.

7: All other standard accessories: Tool kit, English Version Owner Manual


heacy duty 20CBM rubbish compactor trucks for Sierra Leone


Garbage compactor trucks on sale



Other beiben trucks display




China NO.1 Beiben 20 CBM Garbage compactor trucks, Dongfeng 20CBM trash compression truck

CUMMINS engine, 260HP super powerful, EURO 2,3 emission, 20% saved fuel consumption

FAST 9-shift manual gearbox, 9 forward & 1 reverse, smoothly driving feeling

Profession garbage compactor system manufacturer experience over 10 years

Mainly used for garbage collecting from international bins 120L, 240L, 360L, 660L, 1100L

12 months free fast moving spare parts

Training service for dongfeng 20CBM garbage compactor trucks 2~3 days in CEEC working plant

At end year of 2015, our CEEC TRUCKS export totally 4 untis dongfeng 20 CBM garbage compactor trucks to Sierra Leona. Only 20days past after received the 30% downpayment, all the 20000 liters rubbish compressor trucks installed CUMMINS 260PS engine, super powerful. and the waste management trucks will be used in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leona, service for the city sanitation project.

Last week, in June 2016, our Sierra Leona customer give precious feedback to talking about the 4 units dongfeng 20cbm trash compactor trucks. He said the waste management trucks performed wonderful and make great help on the city environmental protection. he not only show gratitude to us, but also make another purchasing plan about buying other Isuzu road sweeper trucks and Beiben water tanker trucks.

heavy duty 20CBM rubbish compactor trucks ready for shanghai seaport

(Dongfeng 20cbm garbage compactor trucks ready for shanghai seaport for delivery to Sierra Leona)

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      20 CBM compression refuse truck
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