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best 2 axle container semitrailer

60 T bogie suspension trailer

60 T heavy duty semi remorque, 32 T 2 axle bogie suspension, with heavy duty trailer frame, JOST A400T land gear, with 50# kinpin, 12.00R20 tyre, tire quantity 8+1 units. Standard for 40 Feet contrainer transportation

  • Product Origin:

    China CEEC
  • Shipping Port:

    Shanghai seaport
  • Lead Time:

    10 Days
  • FOB Price:

    USD $9,500-10,900
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China NO.1 60 T bogie suspension semi trailer exporter


bogie suspension semitrailer


CEEC trucks have more than 15 years on manufacturing 2 axle bogie suspension semitrailers. We have great experience in producing 50 T bogie suspension semitrailer, 60 T bogie suspension semitrailer, and 80 T bogie suspension semitrailer.
Our bogie suspension semitrailer product include 2 axle bogie suspension container semitrailer, 2 axle single point suspension cargo semitrailer, 2 axle bogie suspension tipper semitrailer, 2 axle bogie suspension cement semitrailer.
As the china best bogie suspension semi remorque manufacturer, we have exported more than 2,000 units kinds of bogie suspension semitrailers to africa country, such as CONGO, ALGERIA, NIGERIA, ANGOLA, GHANA, TANZANIA, KENYA , DUBAI , DOHA.

bogie suspension semitrailer drawing

Congo best semi remorque supplier for 50 T bogie suspension semi remorque, 60 T bogie suspension semi remorque, 70T bogie suspension semi remorque. We exported more than 100 unis bogie suspension semi remorque to CONGO, POINTE NOIRE.

Best Bogie Suspension Trailer suitable equipped to Beiben 2538 tractor truck


What is bogie suspension


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40Feet 2Axles Bogie suspension Container Semi-trailer


Tare Weight




Total Weight


Overall Length


Overall Width


Overall Height


Wheel track


Wheel base



Main Frame

Heavy duty and extra durability designed; Opting for high tensile steel Q345B,welded by automatic Submerged-Arc processes
505mm Height, Top Flange 14mm,width 140mm; Middle Flange 6mm;Bottom Flange 16mm,width 140mm


Two Units of Germany BPW(brand) 13Ton axle,15T axle, 16Taxle


Germany BPW  (brand) mechanical 2-axle suspension

Leaf Spring

Four sets of reliable local brand, 7-piece leaf spring,16x90mm

King Pin

One unit of 2`` SAE standard bolted-in kingpin

Landing Gear

JOST-D200,Two-speed manual operation, heavy duty landing gear

Wheel Rim

Eight units of 8.0-20 rim


Eight units of 12.00R20 nylon tyre

Twist Lock

12 pieces---four pieces are fasten mode, eight pieces are up-down mode, of ISO twist lock for 2x20ft;1x40ft container, central locks can be laid down.

Spare Wheel Carrier

One set of spare wheel carrier including a riser.

Pneumatic Braking System

One unit of WABCO RE 6 relay valve; four units of T30/30 spring brake chamber; one unit of reliable local brand 40L air tank ; two units of reliable local brand standard coppery air-connector.

Electrical System

One unit of JAEGER POWAY ,24V 7-pin ISO 1185 socket; two sets of reliable ,local brand standard rear light, turn light, rear reflector, side light, side reflector etc.
One set of DAFA(brand ) 6-core standard Cable.


Sand blasting before painting;

two coats of primer, anti-corrosion;

one coat of finish painting;

Color advised by client.


One box with a set of standard trailer tool

For the specification above, we reserve the right to make any changes without notice.


ceec export Congo bogie suspension semitrailer


ceec export Congo bogie suspension semitrailer


ceec export Congo bogie suspension semitrailer


ceec export Congo bogie suspension semitrailer    ceec export Congo bogie suspension semitrailer


ceec export Congo bogie suspension semitrailer    ceec export Congo bogie suspension semitrailer


China Best Semitrailer on sale



Other beiben trucks display



We have well experienced in reseaching and developing different trailers:container trailer, low bed trailer, side wall semi trailer, stake semi trailer, tank trailer and heavy duty trailer etc.
High tensile strength steel Q345B for I-beam
Axle:German BPW or American style from 12 tons to 20 tons
Suspension:Mechanical suspension, air suspension or bogie suspension.
Tyre:10.00R20, 10R22.5, 11.00R20, 11R22.5, 12.00R20 or 12R22.5 (Other size is optional)
King pin:Optional for 2" or 3.5" Kingpin
Side wall height:Optional for 600mm, 800mm or 1000mm
Twist locks: Standard 4 sets and others for Optional

10 units 40 feet bogie suspension semitrailer export to Congo


At beginning of year 2016, Congo customer visit our factory, which located in Suizhou, Hubei province, China. After whole day's visiting of our bogie suspension plant and self driving test for the recommend Beiben Tractor Trucks, our customer signed the purchased order in our office about buying 10 units 40 feet flatble container semitrailer and 4 units beiben 2538 tractor trucks. Only after 20 days production for all equipment, the required semitrailers and beiben tractors delivered to Shanghai Seaport and shipped to Congo,  Pointe Noire. And all equipment will plan to be used for container transport between customer factory and the seaport.


bogie suspension semitrailer on board

(10 units 2 axle bogie suspension semitrailer arrived Shanghai Seaport, with 3 units trailers bunding together to lower shipping freight)


bogie suspension semitrailer on board

(60T bogie suspension semitrailer lifting to the ship after reinforced for bunding)


beiben 2538 tractor trucks on board

(Beiben 2538 tractor trucks lifting on board)

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      60 T bogie suspension trailer
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