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Phillippine Customer purchase 4 units ISUZU 5m³ Water Bowser


Phillippine Environmental Protection company


Client: Phillippine

Project: 4 units ISUZU 5 m³ Water Tanker Truck

Year: 2017.2

Project Background: The Environmental Protection Company customer from Phillippine, who purchase totally 4 units ISUZU 5CBM water bowser from China CEEC TRUCKS, which installed front crossing water spraying pipeline & rear water spraying pipeline, which very suitable for road water spraying & street plant watering. To delivery the the four units ISUZU water tanker with not miles, we arrange 40" containers for shipping.

Key Pointes:

       → ISUZU 5 CBM Water Tanker Truck

       → Genuine spare parts Center


4 units ISUZU 5CBM water bowser export 


4 units ISUZU 5CBM water bowser export   4 units ISUZU 5CBM water bowser export  

(40" Container delivery for the totally 4 units ISUZU 5CBM water tanker trucks)


Water Trucks ISUZU 5,000L (also called water bowser Isuzu, water tanker truck, Japan tank truck,  water trucks, water sprinkling tank truck, watering vehilce,  Sprinkler truck, Truck water tanker, Water sprinkler bowser, spray tank truck, mobile water truck is produced for transportation and distrubition of industrial and drinking water, spraying and washing of streets and tunnels,  dust and environmental control and  fire-fighting purposes. In order to achieve those different operations , each water tanker truck is equipped with various features and it’s designed according to capacity of the carrier vehicle.


4 units ISUZU 5CBM water bowser export


4 units ISUZU 5CBM water bowser export

ISUZU 4*2 LHD model 5 CBM water tanker truck advantages:

1. Low & Flat water flow washing, high speed and more efficiency.

2. All pneumatic pressure system, no weakness of hydraulic pressure, like high price and complicated maintenance. What’s more, the pollution of oil discharge is avoided.

3. Metal printed inside the ISUZU 5000Liters water tank keeps the Carbon Steel tank from rusting. Also the stainless steel tank is optional for the tanker truck. Tank thickness: for tank 4mm, for shell cover 5mm, for clapboard 4mm.

4. The figure is flat ellipse. The transition of tank and side is by round arc, together with quality print, which makes the whole vehicle looks good, also the ISUZU 5CBM Water Tank Truck performance is very high.

5. Front washing and rear sprinkling, with spurting aside, with working platform after the tank installed high pressure cannon.

6. Install with self-flow and fire-hydrant valve. Equip with self-priming pump, which could suck the pool water into the tanker, and also can suck water from fire hydrant in the street directly.

7. Other options: Highway Railings Washing, Spraying for Adding Humidity and Reducing Dust, Low & Flat high water flow Washing, Noise Barrier Washing, Road Spray, Right & Left Washing Flowers, Lift Shaft, Snow Blade, Front Spray Snow Dissolving, Irrigation, Standby for Fire Controlling, Customization is available.

8. CEEC Water distribution trucks spraying device as below: front spraying system, side spraying system, rear water spraying device:


ISUZU 5CBM water bowser export Asia country


Factory Testing for CEEC TRUCKS supplied ISUZU Water Bowser

4 units ISUZU 5CBM water bowser export


Overview for CEEC TRUCKS supplied Beiben Tractor Trucks?



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