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Saint Barthelemy customer purchase FOTON hook loader truck


Caribbean Sea Country Environmental Protection Job


Client: Saint Barthelemy

Project: 1 unit FOTON 2.5 m³ Hook Loader Truck

Year: 2017.3

Project Background: The customer from Caribbean sea country, who participate in city enviornment project and need some sanitation vehicle to satisfy their job. After long time discussion for all details with us, customer finial decide to buy small unit hook loader truck, with special designed garbage container. To fulfill customer requirement, we suggest FOTON 2300mm wheelbase chassis and uncovered garbage container.

Key Pointes:


       → Genuine spare parts Center


Hook Loader truck export Caribbean Sea country 


Hook Loader truck export Caribbean Sea country   Hook Loader truck export Caribbean Sea country 

(20" Container delivery for the 1 unit FOTON hook loader truck & 3 garbage container)


Hook Loader Truck FOTON (also called roll on roll off truck, Hook loader vehicle, hook loader, hook arm loading truck, garbage deivery truck, sanitation truck  is produced for collection and transportation of industrial and life waste, which can be widely used in factory, cummunity, city street, etc. In order to achieve customer different requirement and operations , each hook loader truck is equipped with different garbage container, totally produced to finish customer project.


CEEC hook loading truck


Caribbean Sea FOTON Hook Loader Truck features:

◆The latest design technology from Japan Kyokuto is applied

◆We are MANUFACTURERmorethan 10years experience, Professional, well design!

◆Due to the combination control of hydraulic, electrical andpneumatic elements, our hook loader features highautomation and simple and safeoperation.

◆Rearview monitor system of optional is offered, it is veryconvenient to perform visible load and unloadoperation in the cab.

◆The machine was installed with emergency stop which can stopworking whatever state and position stuffingmechanism reached, ensure that thestaff and equipment are safety.

◆FOTON small roll on roll off truck has Various types of container applicable

◆Powerful twin lift cylinders are employed.

◆Control buttons and levers are designed with humanity are easyto operation

◆Rearview monitor system of Optional is offered,. It is veryconvenient toperform visible load and unloadoperation in the cab


Hook Loader truck export Caribbean Sea country


Hook Loader truck export Caribbean Sea country

(CEEC engineer testing the FOTON 2.5cbm roll on roll off garbage truck before shipping to Caribbean Sea)


Watch FOTON Sanitation Trucks on YOUTUBE

Saint Martin FOTON hook loader garbage truck:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaCbT45lghA




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