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Senegal customer buy semitrailer with SKD delivery to DAKAR port


Senegal Country heavy thing delivery project


Client: Senegal Dakar

Project: 15 units Flatbed semitrailer with different painting

Year: 2017.4

Project Background: The customer from Senegal Dakar, who run a Timber Mill, who need some semitrailers to deliver the wood and meet their normal working requirement. After discussion for all details with us and carefully checked our Engineer supplied semitrailer CAD drawing. Our customer finally choose 15 units 40 feet flat bed semitrailer, which can be used deliver the wood and other heavy thing based on customer HINO & Mecedes Benz prime mover.

Key Pointes:

       →  Flatbed Semitrailer

       →  CEEC Semitrailer

       → Genuine spare parts Center


CEEC export Semitrailer SKD export Senegal 


CEEC export Semitrailer SKD export Senegal

(40" Container deliver the flatbed semitrailer by SKD parts)


Low bed semi trailer used to transport heavy vehicle (as tractor, and bus, and dedicated car,), and tracked vehicles, and mining machinery, forestry machinery, and engineering machinery (such as excavator, bulldozers, mount machine,paver, crane etc) and the other overload goods. The lower of gravity,the better stability and safety, more easy to transport high goods through overhead obstacles.


Advanced features for CEEC semi trailers:


Low bed semi trailer series include flatbed type, concave beam type and tire outside type etc. The frame is echelon form; the section of longitudinal girder is I-shaped. The character of it is high rigidity and high strength.


Advantage & usage: low loading surface of chassis guarantee stability of transportation, suitable for all kinds of engineering machine, big equipment steel etc.


Main process: series trailer frame is wear beam structure, using the straight- stringer or goose-neck stringer. Web height from 400mm to 500mm, automatic submerged arc welding, shot penning for frame, beams and stringer penetration welding as a whole.


CEEC export Semitrailer CKD export Senegal

(CEEC loading semitrailers CKD parts to 40" shipping container and ready delivery to Senegal Dakar)


Watch CEEC Semitrailer on YOUTUBE

CEEC Semitrailers for CKD & SKD delivery video:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtQeYbU_8ls


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