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Fiji client buy 2 units skip loader superstructure


Fiji Country Environmental Protection Job


Client: Fiji

Project: 2 units Hook Loader Superstructure

Year: 2017.3

Project Background: The customer from Fiji Suva, who run a big company engaged in enviornment project and need some sanitation vehicle to meet their normal working requirement. After discussion for all details with us and carefully checked our Engineer supplied skip loader kit drawing based on chassis drawing. Final customer decide to buy 2 units skip loader superstructure to be mounted on ISUZU RHD chassis. After carefully design, we CEEC produce the skip loader kit width within 2200mm, and can be loading by 1 units 20" shipping container to reduce much shipping cost.

Key Pointes:

       → Skip Loader Truck

       → Genuine spare parts Center


skip loader superstructure export Fiji 


skip loader superstructure export Fiji

(20" Container delivery for the 2 units hook loader superstructure SKD parts)


Skip refuse superstructure mounted on ISUZU also named swing arm garbage truck, which widely used for city street and school trash collection. The main character of this garbage truck is that the garbage can is with dumping function and can be separated from the truck, thus it can realize one truck work with more than one garbage can, and one garbage spot can locate with several garbage containers. With the trash truck’s hydraulic operation and circle transit functions, the truck’s transportation ability improved a lot.


dongfeng 10-12CBM skip loader truck


Why Asia country customer like CEEC supply 6CBM swing arm garbage truck?


★  The dust bin material of carbon steel Q235A, more types and more specification to meet various customers’ needs in different regions.

★  Designed sewage collecting box in the bottom of fill device, the sewage directly flow into the box, avoid to re-pollution.

★  Hydraulic systems: two separate kinds of hydraulic control–electric control and manual control, makes the operation more simple and convenient.

★  Skip garbage truck with detachable container can realize the function of garbage bins and truck body separate, which means that one vehicle can work with more than one garbage cargo bodies, to recycle transport, improve the transport capacity.

★  Ranges of types for your customized choice. Type of garbage box: sealed, semi-enclosed. Shape of garbage box: rectangular shape, trapezoidal.


skip loader superstructure export Fiji 

(CEEC loading 2 units skip loader superstructure SKD parts to 20" shipping container and ready delivery to Fiji Suva)


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2 units skip loader superstructure loading video:    

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