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north benz 20000 Liters oil tanker trucks

Beiben 20 CBM Fuel Trucks

North benz 20000liters fuel bowser use beiben 2534 oil truck chassis, WEICHAI WP10.340E32 engine, 340PS with euro 2/3 emission, FAST 9-sfhit manual gear box, carbon steel fuel tanker, with all painting and logos for choice

  • Product Origin:

    China CEEC
  • Shipping Port:

    Shanghai Seaport
  • Lead Time:

    30 Days
  • Payment:

    T/T, West Union
  • FOB Price:

    USD $33,000-46,000`
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Beiben 20000 liters fuel tanker trucks manufacturer


beiben 2534 fuel tanker truck


We are the most professional beiben fuel trucks manufacturer, more than 15 years great experience on manufacturing beiben 2527 fuel truck, beiben 2529 fuel truck,beiben 2534 fuel truck ,beiben 2538 fuel tanker truck,beiben 3132 fuel tankers.
The beiben fuel tanker from us can be beiben 4*2 fuel tanker, beiben 6*4 fuel tanker and beiben 8*4 fuel tankers. All the beiben fuel tanker trucks from ceec trucks plant can have long guarantee more than 12 months.


beiben 2534 fuel tanker truck chassis drawing


beiben 20 CBM fuel tanker truck


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beiben 20 CBM fuel tanker truck advantages

Beiben 2534 fuel tank truck (20,000 Liters)

Model Name

Beiben 6x4 fuel truck

Driving Type

6×4,left hand drive




Rated payload weight(kg)


Curb weight(kg)





Overall Dimension(mm)


Box dimension (mm)


Max speed(km/h)



Engine model


Engine type

4 stroke water-cooled,ECM electric control system ,high pressure common rail,E-Gas,

No. of cylinders

straight-6 cylinders


9.726 L

Max. output (kw)

250 kw

Drive Line


9JS119TA ,9 forwards,1 reverse gear,manual operation


With power steering

Brake system

Air brake


Air container


Standard configuration

USB ,sound,electric windows,and so on


Front axle

7.5 tons

Rear axle

18 tons

Tire specification

Tire specification

11.00R20 standard tire,10 tires+1 spare tire


beiben 20 CBM fuel tanker truck


beiben 20 CBM fuel tanker truck


Kenya Beiben 20000 liters fuel tanker truck features:

Beiben 20000 Liters fuel tanker body can be carbon steel, polyethylene, stainless steel and aluminum

The Kenya Mombasa 20 CBM north oil bowser consist of special tank, fuel pump, pipeline assembly and other specil configuration

Tank shape can be oval, circumference, rotundity for requirement

Chemical pump adopt famous reliable pump, stainess pump available

Tank inside is installed regular antti-wave clapboard. It's completely detected by high pressure air tightness. High strength tank, stable gravity, safety drive.


beiben 20 CBM fuel tanker truck chassis


beiben 20 CBM fuel tanker truck


beiben 20 CBM fuel tanker truck chassis    beiben 20 CBM fuel tanker truck chassis


beiben 20 CBM fuel tanker truck chassis    beiben 20 CBM fuel tanker truck chassis


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Beiben 20 CBM fuel tanker truck equipped with new NG80B cabin, which has attractive appearanc, and export to congo, kenya and Cameroon

WEICHAI engine WP10.340E32, Euro 3 emission, strongly 340ps, and FAST 9shift manual mechinical gearbox

Curb weight approx 12110kg and Beiben 2534 fuel bowser  loading capacity can be up to 20 CBM, mainly for oil transportation and refueling

Specific heavy truck metallic framework and stressed-skin construction, processing security of same level of European automobiles

Fuel tanker body material can be carbon steel, stainless steel, PVC, Aluminum, etc

High performance fuel pump with good performance


Cameroon Beiben 20 CBM fuel tnker truck


beiben 20 CBM fuel tanker truck

(9 units beiben 20000 Liters oil tanker truck in factory ready for shipping to Cameroon)

beiben 20 CBM fuel tanker truck in factory

(north benz 2534 fuel tanker truck in factory stock for quick delivery)

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      Beiben 20 CBM Fuel Trucks
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