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A water truck is a large vehicle that is equipped with a tank or tanks that are used to transport or distribute water for various purposes such as agriculture, construction, or firefighting. Water trucks can be used to transport potable water for drinking, irrigation or crop spraying. They can also be used to transport non-potable or brackish water for filling swimming pools, dust control, and fire suppression. These trucks are typically fitted with a large pump and spray nozzles, providing a high-pressure spray for effective water distribution.

A Howo water tanker truck is a large vehicle used for transporting water from one location to another. It is commonly used in areas where there is a shortage of water or in situations where water is needed for firefighting, construction, or agricultural purposes. Howo Water tanker trucks can vary in size and capacity, typically ranging from 1,000 to 12,000 gallons. They are equipped with pumps and hoses for easy access to the water and can be operated by a single driver or a team of drivers.

Water trucks are used for a variety of purposes, including:

1. Construction and Mining: sinotruk Water trucks are used in construction and mining sites to control dust and regulate soil moisture during excavation or demolition activities.

2. Firefighting: Howo Water trucks are used to transport water to firefighting locations in remote areas where there is no access to traditional water sources.

3. Agriculture: Howo Water trucks are used in agriculture to water crops, control dust and dirt on farms, and even transport livestock water.

4. Road Maintenance:Howo Water trucks are used by road maintenance crews to spray water on roads to compact the soil under it, making it harder and more durable.

5. Municipalities: Howo Water trucks are commonly used by municipalities to clean streets and sidewalks, water parks and public spaces, and provide drinking water in emergencies.

6. Industrial: Howo Water trucks are used in industrial settings to clean industrial machinery and equipment, provide cooling for machinery, and to transport water to non-potable water sources.



Engine Model

Rated Power


Driving Mode



110 hp

3,000 L

4 x 2



98 hp

5,000 L

4 x 2



190 hp

8,000 L

4 x 2



190 hp

10,000 L

4 x 2



300 hp

15,000 L

6 x 4



340 hp

20,000 L

6 x 4

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