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  Dump truck, also named as dumper, tipper truck, dump trucks. We have great experience in producing 6*4 dump truck, 8*4 dump truck, range from JAC dump truck, howo dump truck, shacman dump truck, howo dump truck and beiben dump trucks. We supply customer with original dump truck price and super after sale service for dumpers.  All the dump tipping trucks from our factory will have guarantee more than 12 months .  Our great advantage on beiben dump truck chassis will ensure the good quality for beiben 2534 dump truck, beiben 2538 dumper, beiben 3138 dump trucks.



Engine Model

Rated Power


Driving Mode

ISUZU Dump truck


130 hp

10 T

4 x 4



240 hp

20 T

4 x 2

Beiben 2534 Tipper lorry


340 hp

40 T

6 x 4

HOWO T7H Dump truck


380 hp

40 T

6 x 4

Beiben 3138 Tip-truck


380 hp

40 T

8 x 4

FOTON GTL Dump truck


4520 hp

40 T

8 x 4


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    Beiben 6x4 Tipper lorry

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  • Beiben Tipper
    North benz 6x4 Tip-truck

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  • Beiben Tipper
    Beiben 6x4 Dumping Truck

    Beiben tipper

    Beiben heavy-duty dump truck

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  • Dongfeng 10 wheels Dump truck
    Dongfeng 20 Ton Dump truck

    Dongfeng tipper truck

    Dongfeng 6×4 dumper truck

    Factory price Dongfeng tipper truck

    Dongfeng 10 wheeler tipper lorry

  • Beiben 380HP Dump truck chassis
    Beiben 12 wheeler truck

    Beiben Euro 3 vehicle with 380HP

    Low price Beiben heavy duty trucks

    Beiben cargo truck chassis

    Beiben 8×4 dump truck chassis

  • Beiben 8x4 Dump truck chassis
    Beiben 8x4 heavy duty chassis

    North benz 3134 truck

    Beiben dumper truck chassis

    Factory price Beiben chassis for sale

    Beiben 340HP trucks

  • Beiben Dump truck
    Beiben 8x4 Dump truck

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  • Beiben Dump truck
    North benz 8x4 Tipping truck

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  • North benz 8x4 Heavy Dump truck
    Beiben 8x4 Dumper truck

    Factory price Beiben tipper-truck

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    Beiben dump truck

  • North benz Dumper truck
    Beiben 8x4 Tipper-truck

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    Brand new Beiben tipper lorry

  • jac dump truck
    JAC 4x2 Dump truck

    4x2 Dump tipper JAC

    JAC 4x2 Tipper truck

    JAC construction sand rock dump truck

  • jac dump truck
    JAC 6x4 Dump Truck

    6x4 Dump tipper JAC

    JAC 6x4 Dump truck

    jac dump truck

  • JAC 6x4 Tipper Truck - CEEC
    JAC 6x4 Tipper Truck

    JAC new dumping truck for sale

    JAC 6x4 Tipping truck

  • 50,000kg heavy duty Beiben dump truck
    50 T beiben 2534 dump truck

    Dump Truck

    Beiben dumper truck

    beiben 10 wheel heavy tipper truck

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