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  Oil truck, also called as oil wagon, oil tanker trucks. It is widely used for transporting oil and gas. We supply different kinds of oil bowser , oil delivery trucks. These fuel tanker trucks will ensure the super quality and factory fuel truck price.We aim at supply super quality oil bowser , fuel bowser , with more than 20 years experience on producing fuel tanker trucks. As the top fuel tanker manufacturer in china, we can customized oil bowser truck range from 4×2 gas truck, 6×4 oil tanker truck, 8×4 fuel truck



Engine Model

Rated Power


Driving Mode



88 hp

3,000 L

4 x 2



98 hp

4,000 L

4 x 2



130 hp

6,000 L

4 x 2



190 hp

8,000 L

4 x 2



205 hp

16,000 L

4 x 2



300 hp

20,000 L

6 x 4

  • FOTON mini fuel tanker truck for sale
    FOTON 3CBM Fuel bowser truck

    90 HP, 3000 liters tank

    Oil tanker truck

    FOTON fuel bowser

    Fuel delivery truck

    Fuel transportation truck

    Fuel tanker truck

  • ISUZU Fuel tank truck - CEEC
    ISUZU Fuel tank truck

    98 HP, 3000 liters tank

    ISUZU 4x2 Refueler truck

    ISUZU refuel tanker truck

    ISUZU 3,000L Fuel bowser

  • best IVECO 20 CBM fuel tanker truck supplier
    IVECO Tanker Trucks

    390 HP, 20,000 liters

    Algeria IVECO 20000Liters fuel tanker vehicles

    IVECO tanker truck manufacturer

    iveco water tanker

    IVECO Trucks

  • ISUZU 4000 liters aircraft refueling truck
    ISUZU Aircraft Refueling Truck

    130 HP, 4000 liters tank

    ISUZU 4x2 aircraft fuel bowser

    ISUZU 4,000 liters fuel tanker truck

    ISUZU air plane refueling truck

    ISUZU Helicopter fuel truck

  • 4CBM Fuel tanker truck ISUZU - CEEC
    4CBM Fuel tanker truck ISUZU

    98 HP, 4000 liters tank

    ISUZU Oil bowser

    Fuelfilling truck

    ISUZU Fuel bowser

  • ISUZU 700P 4×4 off-road fuel bowser at discount price
    ISUZU 700P 4×4 all wheel drive refueling truck for sale

    190 HP, 4000 Ltrs tank

    ISUZU 4×4 fuel tank truck

    ISUZU off-road diesel tank truck

    ISUZU AWD fuel truck

    ISUZU 4×4 oil tank truck

  • ISUZU 5,000 liters refueling truck
    ISUZU 6 wheeler Diesel bowser

    130 HP, 5000 liters tanker

    ISUZU 4x2 oil tanker truck

    ISUZU 6 wheeler Oil bowser truck

    ISUZU diesel tanker truck

    ISUZU 5,000 liters fuel truck

  • ISUZU 5CBM Fuel Bowser - CEEC
    ISUZU 5CBM Fuel Bowser

    130 HP, 5000 liters tank

    ISUZU 5,000Litres Oil filling truck

    ISUZU 5CBM diesel tank truck

    ISUZU 4x2 Fuel tanker truck

  • China TOP isuzu 5000 liters fuel tanker truck
    ISUZU 5 CBM Fuel Tanker

    190 HP, 5000 liters tank

    best ISUZU 5000L fuel tanker trucks

    Dubai 5 CBM refueling tanker truck

    Fuel Tanker Truck

  • best congo beiben military 6*6 fuel tanker truck
    6*6 Oil Tanker Truck

    340 HP, 10000 liters

    China best north benz 10 CBM fuel tanker truck supplier

    Congo beiben 2534 oil truck

  • China TOP isuzu 5000 liters fuel tanker truck
    5 CBM Fuel Tanker ISUZU

    190 Ps, 5000 liters tanker

  • HOWO 4×4 off-road refueling truck at best price
    HOWO 4×4 all wheel drive fuel tank truck for sale

    266 HP, 8000 L tank

    HOWO 4×4 fuel bowser

    HOWO AWD refueling truck

    HOWO 4×4 off-road fuel tank truck

    HOWO 4×4 diesel bowser

  • HOWO LPG refueling truck
    HOWO RHD LPG Tank Truck

    130 HP, 6000 liters tank

    HOWO RHD LPG bowser

    HOWO LPG transportation truck

    HOWO LPG gas tanker

    HOWO RHD LPG delivery truck

  • ISUZU fuel bowser truck
    ISUZU 4×2 Fuel Tanker Truck

    130 HP, 6000 L tank

    ISUZU refueling truck

    ISUZU petrol/oil tanker truck

    ISUZU 6 wheeler diesel tanker truck

  • Shacman 6 wheeler oil tanker truck
    Shacman 5,000 liters Refueling Truck

    210 HP, 5000 liters tank

    Shacman Oil tanker truck

    Shacman 5,000 liters diesel truck with dispenser

    Shacman refueling truck

    Shacman 4×2 fuel truck

  • ISUZU refueling truck
    ISUZU 6,000 liters Fuel Bowser Truck

    130 HP, 6 CBM tanker

    ISUZU 4x2 fuel tanker truck

    ISUZU 6,000 liters Oil tanker truck

    ISUZU petrol tanker truck

    ISUZU 6 wheeler diesel bowser truck

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