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CEEC TRUCKS treat Shipping Service as one of the most significant segment in our service chain.From the sanitation Trucks get finished in the plant and being carefully tested by CEEC engineers, till the truck delivery to our customer. During this period, we will provide the shipping service to not only just satisfy but also surpass the extentions of our customers.


As the company with over ten years experience, CEEC TRUCKS considering customers firstly and provide shipping service for customers garbage compactor truck, road sweeper truck, vacuum tanker truck, water tanker truck, and  Isuzu fuel tanker trucks, garbage compactor trucks mainly has following three aspects: All trucks being waxed; All parts being packed; All details being photographed.



By bulk shipment

Which is most welcome by all customers for lower freight cost, and delivery beiben tractor trucks, beiben dumper trucks, garbage compactor trucks, and other heavy duty trucks.


bulk shipment



By RoRo shipment

Which is more safer and can prevent beiben tipper trucks, beiben mixer trucks, beiben tractors from water and rain corrosion.


Roro shipment    Roro shipment



By Container shipment

Which is popular for lifht duty trucks, including fuel tanker truck, garbage compression truck, also semitrail CKD & SKD transportation


container shipment



By Frame shipment

Which is special used for fuel tanker truck, refuse compression truck, beiben water tanker trucks shipping.

frame container shipment



indexAll trucks being waxed


All beiben heavy duty trucks and isuzu tanker trucks being waxed before shipment is necessary in CEEC TRUCKS exporting procedures. The wax can efficiently protect your truck from rust and corrosion during the long time travelling on the sea. As to wax, thereare mainly two classifications: solid wax and liquid wax. This step usually being finished by professionals, the wax distributed uniform, ply moderate,also very bright, beautiful and practical. The waxed can be choosed at CEEC factory plant and seaport.


With great experience in shanghai seaport, tianjiang seaport, we have established with good relationship with local shipping agent. Fully solution with fixing, waxing, inspection, thefirst shipment time and best shipping service experience.


Beiben heavy trucks and Isuzu garbage compactor trucks Waxed in factory or at seaport:


all beiben trucks be waxed    



indexAll beiben trucks spare parts being packed


In order to provide best service to you, all the north benztrucks and spare parts are being well packed before shipment: the main spareparts, such as air filter, oil filter and fuel filter are being packed into anew box; the important parts, such as the operating joystick, operating panel and oil cylinder are being protected by paper, plastic etc.

beiben tractor trucks for shipment


beiben tractor trucks for shipment



indexAll beiben trucks being photographed


From the moment you get in touch with CEEC TRUCKS, our service commitment is a complete gurantee that we will do all effort to service you the best and have you enjoy the most. When the truck start producing in the workshop, we will regularly take detailed photos of the trucks and send to you,to let you know the production process. When the truck finished and at the seaport ready for shipment, we will also take many detailed photos and send all these to you. Because the photos can be the best way to show everything.



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