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 An aerial platform truck, also known as a bucket truck, cherry picker, or aerial work platform, is a type of vehicle equipped with a hydraulic lift or boom that allows workers or equipment to reach high places. Aerial platform trucks are commonly used in construction, maintenance, and utility work, as well as in film production and other industries that require accessing high locations. The height of the aerial platform can vary depending on the model and manufacturer, ranging from several meters to over 50 meters.


An aerial platform truck is typically used for accessing high places, such as buildings, trees, or poles, where workers need to perform maintenance or construction work, or to provide emergency services. It can also be used for artistic purposes, such as filming, photography, or performances. Additionally, aerial platform trucks are commonly used in fire departments and rescue services, to rescue people stuck in high buildings, or to extinguish fires from the air. 

Aerial platform trucks can be classified based on several factors, including:

1. Height: Aerial platform trucks can have varying heights. They can be classified as small, medium, or high-reach trucks based on their maximum working height.

2. Type of boom: Aerial platform trucks can have either a telescopic or an articulating boom. Telescopic booms extend straight out and up while articulating booms have multiple sections that can bend and twist to reach around obstacles.

3. Mobility: Aerial platform trucks can be mounted on different types of vehicles. They can be classified as truck-mounted, trailer-mounted, or self-propelled.

4. Purpose: Aerial platform trucks can be designed for specific purposes, such as for telecommunication work, fire-fighting, or construction work.

5. Load capacity: Aerial platform trucks can be classified based on their maximum load capacity. This includes the weight of the platform, the worker(s), and any equipment they may have with them.

Aerial work Platform also called as ISUZU Mounted Aerial Work Platforms, beiben high lifting platform truck, Isuzu 22 m articulated aerial platform truck for street, which is a high efficiency vehicle can be used in Municipal / Sanitation tree trimming, Highway maintenance, Electrical work, Sign Board Industry/ Advertisement Industry/ Lighting Industry. and being widely export Asia, Africa, South America, etc 


Engine Model

Rated Power


Driving Mode



90 hp

12 M

4 x 2



130 hp

14 M

4 x 2



150 hp

16 M

4 x 2



190 hp

18 M

4 x 2



205 hp

20 M

4 x 2



300 hp

22 M

6 x 4


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