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Dubai--ISUZU 5CBM street sweeper truck manual


Dubai client purchased totally 11 units trucks, which including below showing 2 unit 5CBM ISUZU road sweeper truck (also called road sweeper truck, hydraulic street sweeper, vacuum road sweeping truck, trash collection truck, road cleaning vehicle) is designed for daily sweeping in community, city, highway, construction site, overhead roads, bridges, squares, airports as well as docks with asphalt concrete and cement concrete road surface. CEEC TRUCKS road sweeper truck use whole stainless steel material tanker, Original Italy or America motor for easy operation, ISUZU or JMC or CUMMINS auxiliary engine, efficiently avoiding secondary pollution. The road sweeper vehicle with shot peening painting, with all painting color and logos depend on requirement. . This PDF manual detailed introduced the components of top quality multifunctional ISUZU road sweeper truck and teach end user how to operate the truck.




Chapter1.General Description-------------------------------------------------------5
Chapter 2,Main Technical Data------------------------------------------------------6
           ⅰ,Road Sweeper Superstructure technical parameter---------------6
           ⅱ,Road Sweeper Superstructure advanced features-----------------6
Chapter 3,Road Sweeper Truck Structure Components ----------------------8
           ⅰ,Road Sweeper Truck Structure Components -----------------------8
Chapter4,Water Tanker Truck Working Principles------------------------------13
           ⅰ,How are the water trucks working?------------------------------------13
           ⅱ,What is the main component for truck? ------------------------------13
           ⅲ,How to operate sweeper trucks? (Very Important)-----------------14
Chapter6,Others for Attention--------------------------------------------------------22
           ⅰ,Precautions for Use--------------------------------------------------------22

ISUZU 5cbm road sweeper truck export to Dubai

ISUZU 5cbm road sweeper truck export to Dubai

ISUZU 5cbm road sweeper truck export to Dubai

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