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French Polynesia--ISUZU FVR 12Tons Reefer Truck Manual


French Polynesia client purchased 1 unit ISUZU FVR 15Tons refrigerator trucks (also called Refrigerated van truck, Freezer cargo truck, Freezing truck, Refrigerator truck for food and meet, Mobile Freezer Van Vehicle) is a van or truck designed to carry perishable freight as specific temperatures. Refrigerated trucks can be ice-cooled, equipped with any one of a variety of mechanical refrigeration system powered by small displacement diesel engines, or utilize carbon dioxide as a cooling agent. CEEC TRUCKS can supply freezer van trucks with capacity from 2Ton, 3.2Ton, 4Ton, 5Ton, 6.3Ton, 8Ton, 10Ton, 12Ton, 14Ton, 16Ton, 25Ton. The ISUZU 8Tons refrigerated truck is produced based on ISUZU FVR 4x2 LHD chassis. This PDF manual detailed introduced the components of freezer truck and teach end user how to operate the truck.




Chapter1.General Description-----------------------------------------------5

Chapter 2,Main Technical Data----------------------------------------------6

Chapter 3,Freezer Truck Structure Components -----------------------7

Chapter4,Freezer Truck Working Principles------------------------------9

           ,How are the Freezer Trucks working--------------------------9

           ,What is the main component for truck------------------------9

           , How to operate Freezer trucks?.(Very Important)--------10

French Polynesia--ISUZU FVR 12Tons Reefer Truck Manual

French Polynesia--ISUZU FVR 12Tons Reefer Truck Manual

French Polynesia--ISUZU FVR 12Tons Reefer Truck Manual

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