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Vietnam - 8 units ISUZU 1500 liters water fire trucks delivered from CEEC TRUCKS


On December 2, 2021, 8 units ISUZU mini water tank fire trucks were delivered from CEEC factory. These ISUZU fire trucks will be delivered to Vietnam by land. 

8 units ISUZU water fire fighting trucks for Vietnam

ClientMr. Nguyen

Project: Fire protection project in Vietnam

Year: 2021,12

Project Background:

Mr. Nguyen is the Purchase Manager of a Trading Company in Vietnam. His company won the bid of purchasing 8 units water fire engines for their government. He find our website by Google and is very interested in our fire trucks. After understanding their requirements, our engineers recommended the best solution to him. He was very satisfied and finally decided to purchase these fire trucks from our company.

These 8 units fire trucks are based on ISUZU 100P Left Hand Drive model 4x2 chassis, which is equipped with ISUZU MSB 5-shift manual gearbox, ISUZU 98 HP diesel engine, water tank is made of high quality carbon steel, the capacity is 1,500Liters. The water fire fighting truck is equipped with standard CB10/20 fire pump, PS 20 fire monitor, the jetting distance is more than 55 m.


We CEEC TRUCKS, as China premium manufacturer and exporter of fire fight trucks, can supply different kinds of fire vehicles for customers all over the word as follows:


1, ISUZU water tank fire truck, ISUZU foam fire truck, ISUZU dry powder fire truck

2, Dongfeng water fire engine, Dongfeng foam fire engine, Dongfeng dry powder fire engine

3, FOTON water fire fighting truck, FOTON foam fire fighting truck, FOTON dry powder fire fighting truck

4, HOWO fire vehicle


Key Points:

→ ISUZU GIGA fire fighting truck

→ ISUZU water fire truck

→ ISUZU Foam and dry powder fire engine

ISUZU mini fire truck for sale

8 units ISUZU water tank fire trucks were exported to Vietnam

ISUZU 1.5 tons water fire engine for sale

ISUZU fire trucks were ready for delivery

ISUZU 1500 liters water fire engine for Vietnam

8 units ISUZU water tank fire engine for export

ISUZU 6 wheeler fire vehicle for sale

Factory direct sale ISUZU fire fighting trucks exported to Vietnam

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