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7 units Dongfeng garbage compactor trucks were delivered


On March 22th , 2021, 7 units dongfeng 6 cbm garbage compactors were delivered to Shanghai seaport.  These Dongfeng brand refuse compactor trucks will be used in Cambodia. 

7 units Dongfeng waste compactor truck export to Cambodia 

Client: Cambodia customer, Mr Gyan

Project: Phnom Penh city sanitation project

Year: 2021,03

Project Background

Cambodia customer Mr. Gyan got the sanitation project from Phnom Penh city government. The project requires 7 units garbage compactor truck. 

Mr. Gyan find different suppliers online. He was deeply impressed by the professionalism of our website and contacted with us. After several contacts, he believed that our waste compactors can meet customer requirements. In February 2021, he placed the garbage compressed truck purchase order to us. According to customer requirements, this batch of compressed garbage trucks are based on Dongfeng chassis, the capacity of compactor body is 6CBM. 


Due to the tight delivery time, we immediately arranged production. In mid-March, 7 Dongfeng compressed garbage trucks were successfully completed. Now these rear loaders have arrived in Shanghai seaport for shipment.



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