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7 units ISUZU vacuum trucks were delivered to Philippines


On March 4th , 2021, 2 units ISUZU vacuum trucks and 5 units ISUZU combined jetting trucks are successfully delivered.  These ISUZU vacuum trucks will be used in Philippines. 

ISUZU vacuum tanker trucks and combined jetting trucks

Client: Philippines customer Mr Nicky Myein

Project: Philippines environment project 

Year: 2021,1

Project Background

Philippines customer Mr Nicky Myein won the bid of purchase 7 units ISUZU vacuum trucks from their government. He found us from our website. He was very interested in our ISUZU sewage trucks and combination jet trucks. In December of 2020, he visited our factory, and was very satisfied with our products and decided to purchase these ISUZU vacuum trucks from us. The order includes 5 units ISUZU FTR 13CBM combined sewer cleaning trucks and 2 units FTR 10CBM vacuum sewage trucks.


CEEC is a professional vacuum truck manufacturer and supplier. We can customize kinds of vacuum trucks according to requirements. The capacity of the vacuum tanker can be from 3,000-20,000 liters. Our vacuum suction trucks can be based on ISUZU, Dongfeng, HOWO, FOTON chassis.



Key Pointes:

ISUZU vacuum sewage truck

ISUZU combination jet truck

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ISUZU combined jetting trucks

ISUZU combined jetting trucks 

ISUZU sewer cleaner trucks

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