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8 units dongfeng garbage compactor truck exporting to vietnam


On March 10th , 2019, 8 units dongfeng 8 cbm garbage compactor trucks are successfully finished .  These dongfeng brand waste compactor trucks will be used in Hanoi city, Vietnam .

8 units dongfeng garbage compactor truck export to vietnam 

Client: Vietnam customer, Mr Nguyen Van Vu

Project: Hanoi city sanitation project

Year: 2019,03

Project Background:

Vietnam customer Mr Nguyen have good relationship with hanoi city goverment , he successfully get the sanitation project there. In the beginning of 2019, That project require lots of garbage compactor truck, vacuum tanker truck, sweeper truck.

while the government require limited time on the whole contract . consequently there is urgent need for these sanitation trucks ,

After checking the second hand cement mixer truck on local market, mr Nguyen think it is not economic to buy the garbage trucks from europe.  he found that dongfeng special purpose trucks have good reputation in vietnam, some dongfeng fuel tanker trucks, dongfeng water trucks are widely used in hanoi city.


He contact with our international team from official website, in terms of email and several chat on the line, he plan to visit us on January, 2019. Once checked our garbage compactor trucks plant, he fully trust our gabrage rear loader quality and reliable after sale service guarantee. then the first 8 units garbage compactor trucks are beginning


Key Pointes:

Dongfeng 8 CBM garbage compactor truck

dongfeng garbage compactor trucks

Dongfeng waste compactor trucks are in front of our plant.

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