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Client Visit
Antigua and Barbuda- ISUZU water truck for exporting


Antigua and Barbuda Customer order ISUZU stainless steel water truck

Client:Antigua and Barbuda customer Mr Jack

Project: Antigua and Barbuda local transportation company

Year: 2019.06

Project Background: Antigua and Barbuda customer have local company , for transporting drinking water for hotel and plant . There are lots of USA made water trucks and European water tanker , Mr jack find their price is very expensive. After consideration, he make decision to purchase first ISUZU SS316 water trucks from china CEEC.

This ISUZU water trucks is based on ISUZU 700P truck chassis, with SS 316 steel material , we make strict design and production on this sample water trucks. Customer only need to transport drinking water, but we upgrade the principle that can transport milk.

During the visiting, Mr jack have deep impression on our plant, he is interested in buying ISUZU garbage compactor truck, ISUZU sewage tanker truck. We have great confidence that the further business is fruitful.

This ISUZU water truck will be delivery to shanghai seaport , and then transport to antigua barbuda.

→ ISUZU water truck

Customer inspect his isuzu water truck in our plant, he is very satisfied with the truck after driving.

Our sale manager Mr bruce is along with customer, take places of interest in our city.

Warmly welcome customer in our local restaurant

Best quality for ISUZU water tanker trucks, we have more than 20 years on manufacturing tanker truck

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