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We produce howo dump truck, howo fuel truck, howo water truck, howo speical purpose trucks. Customized HOWO sanitation special purpose vehicles, we have 15 years on manufacturing howo garbage compactor truck, howo water tanker trucks, howo vacuum tanker trucks. We are authoized refuse management trucks on sinotruk chassis. We can provide customers with high-quality HOWO trucks according to requirements. Our HOWO tractor trucks, HOWO dump trucks, HOWO oil tanker trucks, HOWO garbage trucks, HOWO street sweeper trucks are exported to more than 50 countries. Our HOWO trucks won the trust of customers because of high quality.



Engine Model

Rated Power


Driving Mode

HOWO vacuum truck


150 hp


4 x 2

HOWO garbage truck


160 hp


4 x 2

HOWO road sweeper


210 hp

12 CBM

4 x 2

HOWO tractor


340 hp

40 Ton

6 x 4

HOWO fuel truck


380 hp

30,000 L

8 x 4

HOWO dump truck


380 hp

40 Ton

8 x 4

  • SINOTRUK Oil Transportation Trucks HOWO Diesel Delivery Tank Truck
    SINOTRUK HOWO 6X4 Gasoline Fuel Tank Trucks

    Fuel Bowser Tank

    Mobile Refueling Truck HOWO

    Light Gasoline Delivery tank truck HOWO

    Fuel oil delivery truck HOWO

    Oil Transportation Trucks HOWO

    Fuel Petroleum Tanker Truck HOWO

  • SINOTRUK HOWO 8x4 30CBM Fuel oil delivery tanker trucks - CEEC
    SINOTRUK HOWO 8x4 30CBM Fuel oil delivery tanker trucks

    Light Gasoline Delivery tank truck

    Mobile Refueling Truck

    Oil Transportation Trucks

    Fuel Petroleum Tanker Truck

    Customer Fuel Oil Delivery Tanker Trucks

  • SINOTRUK HOWO 6X6 all wheel drive Fuel bowser Oil tanker trucks - CEEC
    SINOTRUK HOWO 6X6 all wheel drive Fuel bowser Oil tanker trucks

    howo Fuel Petroleum Tanker Truck

    miltary howo Refuelling Petroleum Tanker Trucks

    Gasoline / Fuel Tank Trucks

    HOWO 6X6 oil tank trucks

    howo 6*6 fuel tanker trucks

    sinotruk Fuel oil delivery truck 6x6

  • HOWO 6×4 371HP fuel tanker truck
    HOWO 20,000 liters Oil Tanker Truck

    HOWO 6×4 fuel transportation truck

    HOWO Euro 3 petrol tanker truck

    HOWO 20,000 liters diesel tanker truck

  • HOWO 6×6 AWD oil tanker truck
    HOWO 6×6 20,000 liters Fuel Tanker Truck

    HOWO 6×6 off-road wheeler fuel truck

    HOWO 6x6 all-wheel-drive Oil truck

    HOWO 20,000 liters petrol tanker truck

  • SINOTRUK new model 6×4 SITRAK 440HP prime mover with MAN technology
    SINOTRUK SITRAK C7H tractor head

    SINOTRUK SITRAK 10 wheeler tractor head

    MAN technology SINOTRUK Tractor

    Used SINOTRUK C7H Tractor unit

    SINOTRUK SITRAK 6×4 tractor unit

    China SINOTRUK Trailer head

    SINOTRUK SITRAK C7H Prime mover

  • HOWO 6x4 tractor unit for Africa
    HOWO 371HP tractor head for sale

    HOWO 10 wheeler tractor truck

    SINOTRUK HOWO semi-trailer head

    China HOWO Tractor head

    HOWO 6×4 Prime mover

    HOWO semi-trailer tractor

    Used HOWO Tractor unit

  • HOWO 420HP prime mover
    HOWO 420HP tractor head

    HOWO semi-trailer tractor head

    Used HOWO Traction unit

    HOWO tractor head

    SINOTRUK HOWO tractor

    China HOWO Trailer head

  • HOWO 6x6 tractor unit
    HOWO 6x6 all wheel drive prime mover

    HOWO all wheel drive trailer tractor

    HOWO off-road tractor truck

    SINOTRUK HOWO 6x6 tractor

    HOWO off-road Prime mover

    HOWO 6x6 trailer truck

    Used HOWO off-road Tractor head

  • HOWO One bed tractor head
    SINOTRUK HOWO Euro 2/ Euro 3 high horsepower tractor truck

    HOWO trailer truck tractor

    HOWO Tractor truck

    HOWO trailer head

    Used HOWO tractor

    HOWO one bed tractor unit

    HOWO 440HP Prime mover

  • HOWO 6x4 prime mover
    Brand new HOWO tractor truck

    Low price HOWO Tractor unit

    SINOTRUK HOWO prime mover

    Brand new HOWO Tractor head

    HOWO 10 wheeler Prime mover

  • HOWO 6x4 prime mover
    HOWO 6x4 semi-trailer tractor head

    HOWO tractor truck

    SINOTRUK HOWO traction unit

    China HOWO Tractor unit

    HOWO 10 wheels Prime mover

    High quality HOWO Tractor head

  • HOWO heavy duty tractor unit
    HOWO 6x4 tractor truck

    HOWO 10 wheels traction unit

    SINOTRUK HOWO traction trucks

    China HOWO Tractor supplier

    HOWO 6x4 Prime mover

    HOWO semi-trailer tractor truck

  • HOWO A7 tractor trailer
    HOWO Heavy duty Tractor unit for sale

    Brand new HOWO Traction unit

    HOWO A7 traction trucks

    SINOTRUK HOWO trucks supplier

    China HOWO Tractor

    SINOTRUK HOWO Prime mover

  • HOWO A7 Prime mover
    HOWO 6x4 Tractor truck

    HOWO heavy-duty Tractor

    HOWO Tractor unit for sale

    HOWO A7 prime mover

    SINOTRUK tractor head

    Brand new HOWO Traction truck


  • HOWO 10-wheeler Tractor
    HOWO 6x4 Tractor head

    HOWO Traction truck

    High quality HOWO Tractor

    HOWO prime mover

    SINOTRUK HOWO tractor truck

    Brand new HOWO Tractor trailer

    HOWO Tractor unit

  • HOWO 12 wheeler tipper truck
    HOWO 8x4 40 Tons Dumper truck

    HOWO 8x4 tipper

    SINOTRUK HOWO used dump truck

    SINOTRUK HOWO 40 tons tipper lorry

    HOWO 12 wheeler tip-truck

    HOWO 371HP dumper

    HOWO Euro 3 dumping truck

  • HOWO 10 wheeler off-road dumper
    HOWO 6x6 Euro 2 Dump truck

    China HOWO 6×6 tipper lorry

    SINOTRUK HOWO all wheel drive tipper

    HOWO 6×6 tip truck

    HOWO off-road dump trucks

    HOWO 336HP tip-truck

    HOWO 6×6 dumper

  • HOWO 10 wheeler new dump truck
    HOWO 6x4 290HP Dumper truck

    HOWO heavy-duty tip-truck

    SINOTRUK HOWO used tipper and dumper

    SINOTRUK HOWO 6×4 dumping truck

    HOWO 10 wheeler tipper lorry

    HOWO 290HP tipper-truck

    HOWO Euro 3 dumper

  • HOWO  A7 10 wheels tipper lorry
    HOWO A7 6x4 Dumper truck

    HOWO A7 trucks price

    SINOTRUK HOWO used dump trucks

    China HOWO A7 new tippers

    HOWO A7 336HP/371HP tip-truck

    HOWO A7 6×4 tipping truck

    HOWO Euro 2 diesel engine Dumper truck

  • HOWO 10 wheeler 371HP tip-truck
    HOWO 371HP 6x4 Dumper truck

    HOWO new dumper trucks

    SINOTRUK HOWO 6×4 dumpers

    HOWO 6×4 euro 2 tipper-truck

    HOWO heavy duty Dump truck

  • HOWO 10 wheeler tipper-truck
    HOWO LHD 6x4 heavy duty Dumper

    HOWO Euro 2 Dump truck

    HOWO 6×4 tip-truck

    HOWO 10 wheeler tipper-truck

    China HOWO 6×4 new tippers

    SINOTRUK HOWO used dumper

    HOWO high hosepower dumping truck

  • HOWO all wheel drive 4x4 tipper lorry
    SINOTRUK HOWO 4x4 tipper truck

    HOWO 266HP off-road Dumper

    HOWO 4x4 euro 2 tip-truck

    HOWO 6 wheeler tipper truck

    China HOWO 4×4 tipper lorry

    SINOTRUK HOWO RHD all wheel drive trucks

    HOWO 4x4 off-road dump truck

  • SINOTRUK N7B 340HP 20,000liters septic tanker truck
    SINOTRUK N7B 6×4 Vacuum Truck

    SINOTRUK new model 20,000liters vacuum tanker truck

    SINOTRUK 10 wheeler 340HP sewer sucker truck

    SINOTRUK euro 2 vacuum suction truck

    SINOTRUK 340HP septic tanker truck

    SINOTRUK N7B sewage suction truck

    SINOTRUK 20CBM sewage treatment truck

  • HOWO RHD tipper lorry
    HOWO RHD 6x4 Dumper truck

    HOWO 336HP RHD Dump truck

    HOWO RHD euro 2 tipper truck

    HOWO 10 wheeler tipping truck

    China HOWO 6×4 tip-truck

    SINOTRUK HOWO RHD tipper lorry

    HOWO RHD dumper

  • HOWO 336HP 20,000liters vacuum tanker truck
    HOWO 6×4 20CBM Vacuum Tanker Truck

    HOWO cesspit emptier

    HOWO 20,000liters sewer sucker truck

    HOWO 336HP Sewage suction truck

    HOWO 10 wheeler vacuum suction truck

    HOWO Septic sewer truck

  • HOWO  A7 8×4 tipper lorry
    HOWO A7 12 wheeler Dump truck

    HOWO A7 dumper

    SINOTRUK HOWO used tipper trucks

    China HOWO A7 12 wheeler tipper

    HOWO A7 420HP tipper truck

    HOWO A7 8×4 tip-truck

  • HOWO 440HP flatbed truck
    HOWO 6x4 Flatbed Dump Truck

    HOWO heavy duty dumping truck

    HOWO 6x4 flatbed lorry

    HOWO 10 wheeler cargo truck

    HOWO 440HP flatbed dumper

    HOWO new and used trucks

    SINOTRUK HOWO Timber truck

  • HOWO 4×2 right hand drive van cargo truck
    HOWO RHD Van Truck

    HOWO RHD cube truck

    HOWO 4×2 van truck

    HOWO RHD box van

    HOWO 4x2 box truck

    SINOTRUK HOWO RHD van cargo truck

    HOWO new cargo truck

  • HOWO 4×2 right hand drive vacuum tanker truck
    HOWO RHD Vacuum Truck

    HOWO 6,000liters sewage suction truckruck

    Septic tank truck HOWO

    HOWO 4x2 vacuum tanker truck

    HOWO Sewer sucker truck

  • HOWO RHD light duty tipper truck
    HOWO 4x2 Right hand drive Dump Truck

    HOWO light duty dump truck

    HOWO 4x2 RHD tipper lorry

    HOWO light dumper truck

    HOWO mini dumper

    HOWO new and used dumping trucks

    SINOTRUK HOWO light tipper

  • HOWO 4×2 right hand drive vacuum tanker truck
    HOWO RHD Vacuum Truck

    HOWO 8,000 liters vacuum sewage truck

    HOWO 6 wheeler vacuum truck

    HOWO 4x2 sewage suction truck

    HOWO 290HP Sewer cleaner truck

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