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Sinotruk HOWO is a line of heavy-duty trucks manufactured by the Chinese company Sinotruk Group, commonly known as CNHTC. The HOWO line includes a range of heavy-duty trucks, including dump trucks, tractor trucks, concrete mixer trucks, tanker trucks, and more. These trucks are designed for various applications, including construction, mining, transportation, and logistics. The HOWO series is known for its high performance, durability, and advanced technology, making it a popular choice among customers around the world.

Howo trucks can be classified based on their use and size. Here are some classifications:

1. Howo dump Trucks: These are heavy-duty trucks used for transporting construction materials, sand, gravel, and other loose materials. This type of truck can be further classified into small, medium, and large dump trucks.

2. Howo tractor Trailers: Also known as semi-trucks, these are used for transporting large loads such as construction equipment, machinery, and other heavy-duty materials. They can be classified into flatbed trailers, enclosed trailers, refrigerated trailers, and tankers.

3. Howo vacuum suction truck: The vacuum pump sucks up various waste materials, debris, and liquids from the ground or waste containers, and transports them to the tank for storage or disposal. The vacuum suction truck is often used for cleaning and maintaining industrial sites, offshore installations, sewer lines, and septic tanks.

4.Howo fire Trucks: These are specialized trucks used by firefighters to transport equipment and personnel to the site of a fire. They are classified into aerial trucks, rescue trucks, and pumper trucks.

5. Howo tank Trucks: These are used for transporting liquids such as fuel, chemicals, and water. They can be classified into fuel tankers, chemical tankers, and water tankers.

6. Howo garbage Trucks: These are used for collecting and transporting waste and garbage. They are classified into front-loaders, rear-loaders, and side-loaders.



Engine Model

Rated Power


Driving Mode

HOWO vacuum truck


150 hp


4 x 2

HOWO garbage truck


160 hp


4 x 2

HOWO road sweeper


210 hp

12 CBM

4 x 2

HOWO tractor


340 hp

40 Ton

6 x 4

HOWO fuel truck


380 hp

30,000 L

8 x 4

HOWO dump truck


380 hp

40 Ton

8 x 4

  • HOWO 6x4 tractor unit for Africa
    HOWO 371HP tractor head for sale

    HOWO 10 wheeler tractor truck

    SINOTRUK HOWO semi-trailer head

    China HOWO Tractor head

    HOWO 6×4 Prime mover

    HOWO semi-trailer tractor

    Used HOWO Tractor unit

  • HOWO 420HP prime mover
    HOWO 420HP tractor head

    HOWO semi-trailer tractor head

    Used HOWO Traction unit

    HOWO tractor head

    SINOTRUK HOWO tractor

    China HOWO Trailer head

  • HOWO 6x4 prime mover
    Brand new HOWO tractor truck

    Low price HOWO Tractor unit

    SINOTRUK HOWO prime mover

    Brand new HOWO Tractor head

    HOWO 10 wheeler Prime mover

  • HOWO A7 tractor trailer
    HOWO Heavy duty Tractor unit for sale

    Brand new HOWO Traction unit

    HOWO A7 traction trucks

    SINOTRUK HOWO trucks supplier

    China HOWO Tractor

    SINOTRUK HOWO Prime mover

  • HOWO 12 wheeler tipper lorry
    Brand new HOWO 8x4 Dump truck

    HOWO 8x4 tipper

    SINOTRUK HOWO dumping truck

    SINOTRUK HOWO 12 wheels tipper lorry

    HOWO Euro 3 tipper truck

    HOWO 380HP dump truck

    HOWO Euro 3 tipping truck

  • HOWO  A7 10 wheels tipper lorry
    HOWO A7 6x4 Dumper truck

    HOWO A7 trucks price

    SINOTRUK HOWO used dump trucks

    China HOWO A7 new tippers

    HOWO A7 336HP/371HP tip-truck

    HOWO A7 6×4 tipping truck

    HOWO Euro 2 diesel engine Dumper truck

  • HOWO 10 wheeler tipper-truck
    HOWO LHD 6x4 heavy duty Dumper

    HOWO Euro 2 Dump truck

    HOWO 6×4 tip-truck

    HOWO 10 wheeler tipper-truck

    China HOWO 6×4 new tippers

    SINOTRUK HOWO used dumper

    HOWO high hosepower dumping truck

  • HOWO RHD tipper lorry
    HOWO RHD 6x4 Dumper truck

    HOWO 336HP RHD Dump truck

    HOWO RHD euro 2 tipper truck

    HOWO 10 wheeler tipping truck

    China HOWO 6×4 tip-truck

    SINOTRUK HOWO RHD tipper lorry

    HOWO RHD dumper

  • howo 3 ton dumping truck
    HOWO 3 ton dump truck

    3 ton howo dumper truck

    3 ton howo dumper

    HOWO 4×2 tipper truck

    HOWO Euro 3 tipper lorry

    HOWO tipping truck

  • HOWO 6 wheeler tipper truck
    HOWO 4x2 Light duty Dumper truck

    HOWO 6 wheeler dump truck

    SINOTRUK HOWO tip-truck

  • howo 6*6 drive vacuum sewage tanker truck
    HOWO 20,000 liters vacuum tanker truck

    20 cbm howo sewage suction truck

    howo 20 cbm 6*6 drive vacuum tanker truck

    HOWO sewer cleaner truck

    HOWO 6×6 septic tank truck

    HOWO 6×6 AWD cesspit emptier

    HOWO sewage truck price

  • HOWO 20,000 liters water tanker truck for sale
    20,000L Water spraying truck HOWO

    HOWO 20 CBM Water tanker truck

    HOWO 20,000L Water bowser

    HOWO Water truck

    HOWO 6×4 water spray truck

    HOWO 10 wheeler water delivery truck

  • howo brand new 40 cbm fuel bowser-CEEC TRUCKS
    howo brand new 40 cbm fuel bowser

    40,000 liters howo fuel tanker truck

    SINOTRUK 29.5CBM Fuel transportation truck

    SINOTRUK Heavy diesel tanker truck

    SINOTRUK 8x4 Fuel tanker truck

  • HOWO 10-wheeler Tractor
    HOWO 6x4 Tractor head

    HOWO Traction truck

    High quality HOWO Tractor

    HOWO prime mover

    SINOTRUK HOWO tractor truck

    Brand new HOWO Tractor trailer

    HOWO Tractor unit

  • SINOTRUK Road Wrecker tow truck-CEEC TRUCKS
    SINOTRUK Road Wrecker tow truck

    SINOTRUK road towing truck

    4*2 Rotator Wrecker towing truck

    10Tons Road rescue vehicle

  • Durable HOWO all wheel drive mobile workshop truck manufacturer CEEC TRUCKS
    HOWO 4*4 Mobile Workshop Truck

    DANGOTE HOWO military mobile maintenance trucks

    SINOTRUK HOWO 6 wheeler mobile workshop truck export Kenya

    Mobile Workshop Truck

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