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CEEC TRUCKS as professional sanitation trucks, refuse trucks and garbage trucks supplier. We export plenty of environmental trucks, tanker trucks, semitrailers , tipper trucks, mixer trucks to Africa countries. For these refuse compactor trucks are all waxed and bulk packing, and shipment can be bulk-shipment and roro-shipment. Also for some inland neighthoues like Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, the use rairway transportation.


To make full support to our previous customers, CEEC provide all kinds of special trucks spare parts, also some special parts for  garbage compactor trucks, fuel tanker truck, water tanker truck, Isuzu trucks mounted, etc. and recommend packing choice can be Carton Packing, Wooden Frame Packing and Wooden Case Packing.


Beiben trucks packing


How do CEEC packing truck?

We are a professional sanitation trucks and waste management trucks manufacturer, and export many beiben prime mover, beiben dumper truck, garbage compactor truck, benz fuel tanker trucks, beiben water tanker trucks. and mainly have below 2 steps for packing:


1. Carefully examing allparts of the beiben trucks, fasten the spare tire, put all free send spareparts in Cabin for safety.


2. Waxed the whole beiben truck, both upper structure and beiben chassis are well waxed to preventany rusting during transporting on the sea.

Beiben Spare parts packing



How do CEEC packing Genuine Beiben spare parts and other parts?


To provide best after-sell service, we CEEC have We can ship Beiben tractor truck, Beiben dumper truck, waste management trucks and other machines by various transportation packing method:


1. Carton Packing: Mainly used for packing small quantity and light weight trucks parts 


2. Wooden Frame Packing: Mainly used for heavy-type spare parts, such as fire pump, fuel pump, water pump, etc.


3. Wooden Case Packing: Mainly used for important and damageable spare parts, such asprecise instrument, lamp, etc.


4. Welding Iron Case Packing: Only for customer requirement.


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