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 A vacuum sewage truck is a type of vehicle that is used to collect and transport sewage and other waste materials from septic tanks, cesspools, and other types of waste storage systems. These trucks are typically equipped with a large vacuum system that uses suction to remove the waste materials from the storage tank, and then stores the materials in a tank on the truck for transport to a treatment facility. Vacuum sewage trucks are used by municipalities, sanitation departments, and private waste management companies to maintain and clean sewage systems, prevent and contain spills and leaks, and maintain public health and safety.

A vacuum truck ,also called as vacuum tanker truck, vacuum suction truck, sewage vacuum truck, it a tank truck that has a pump and a tank. Vacuum sewage trucks can transport the collected material to a treatment or disposal site.

Vacuum sewage trucks can be classified based on various criteria, including:

1. Tank Capacity: The tank capacity of vacuum sewage trucks ranges from 2000 liters to 40,000 liters. The size of the tank depends on the intended use and the size of the community it serves.

2. Type of Operation: Vacuum sewage tanks can be operated through suction or pressure. Pressure trucks are ideal for emptying wastewater from smaller diameter pipelines and suction trucks are great for larger pipelines.

3. Type of Tank Material: Vacuum sewage tanks can be made of different materials, including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

4. Type of Suction System: Vacuum sewage trucks can have different types of suction systems, such as positive displacement blowers or centrifugal blowers, based on the specific application.

5. Truck Chassis: Vacuum sewage trucks can be mounted on different types of chassis including commercial trucks, cab/chassis, or custom-built trucks.  Such as howo vacuum truck, shacman vacuum truck

6. Special Purpose: Specialty vacuum sewage trucks are designed to perform specific functions such as hydro excavation or used oil recovery.

Overall, vacuum sewage trucks are classified based on the specific requirements and applications of the user.


Engine Model

Rated Power


Driving Mode



63 hp

3,000 L

4 x 2



98 hp

4,000 L

4 x 2



190 hp

8,000 L

4 x 2



205 hp

10,000 L

4 x 2


ISDe210 30

210 hp

16,000 L

6 x 4

CEEC5200- ZZ


300 hp

20,000 L

6 x 4

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