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sweeper bracket and plate service for road cleaning

Sweeper Bracket & Plate

FOTON cheap price road sweeper truck manufacturer, which can supply mini sweeping vehicle with factory bottom price. Also for SKD parts road sweeper bracket & plate sale

  • Product Origin:

    China CEEC
  • Shipping Port:

    Shanghai Seaport
  • Lead Time:

    7 Days
  • Payment:

    T/T, West Union
  • FOB Price:

    USD $160-220
  • Market Price:

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Street Sweeper Vehicle Kit Sweeper Plate & Bracket


Part Number:

Sweeper Plate & Bracket


Road Sweeper truck kit hydraulic for garbage tanker lifting, and sweeping plate & suction plate working


approx 1000*800*600 mm


ISUZU street sweeper truck, Road sweeper kit for customer HINO chassis


2017 brand New

Vehicle model:

Road Sweep truck kit


60 kg

Quality level



brush plate & bracket


Advanced features for CEEC supply Road Sweeper Superstructure parts:


★ Manufacturer supply road sweeper kit SKD & CKD parts


★ High strength steel material casting parts sweeper plate & bracket


★ Installed at side of road sweeper truck for street cleaning


★ Equipped with 22 unitis sweeping brushes

★ Factory supply suitable for all sweeper truck & road sweeper kit


Sweeping brush plate & bracket


Sweeping brush plate & bracket  


Sweeping brush plate & bracket


Sweeping brush plate & bracket 


Sweeping brush plate & bracket


CEEC TRUCKS supply Road Sweeper Kit overview



1. CEEC TRUCKS Road Sweeper Truck gives you total control of dust.

2. The air flow in one direction and form an open flow.


3. Dust airflow enter the dust collection container under the vacuum created by the fan blower, go through the gravity settling, cyclone dust removal and highly precise filter, then become clean air and exhaust.


4. The high efficient cyclone dust removal system makes the moist dust, hydrops and corrosive dust could not reaches the filter and fan blower, avoid corrosion and bond effectively. With dry air counter blowing the filter, no need man power, more effective.


Where the Sweeper Bracket & Plate installed?


Sweeping brush plate & bracket 
Sweeping brush plate & bracket


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      Sweeper Bracket & Plate
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