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3axle bulk cement transport semi trailer

40 m³ cement tanker trailer

3 axle bulk cement trailer, best quality BPW axle device, JOST Kingpin, JOST 13T / 16T landing legs, carbon steel Q345 material powder tank with capacity up to 40 CBM, WEICHAI auxiliary engine for super powerful and export Algeria, Togo

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    China CEEC
  • Shipping Port:

    Shanghai Seaport
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    7 Days
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    T/T, West Union
  • FOB Price:

    USD $15,000-25,000
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The bulk cement tanker trailer is also called bulk powder transport vehicle, it’s combined by special designed chassis, tanker, pneumatic piping system and discharging devices. It’s commonly used in the transportation of bulk cement, coal powder, lime powder and other dry powder material with diameter no more than 0.1mm. It’s most used in cement factory, cement warehouse and construction sites for the reduction of packaging and discharging cost.


40 m³ Bulk Cement Trailer On Sale


3 axle bulk cement tanker semitrailer for powder


Some key points to be notice when the 40 CBM bulk cement tanker trailer is on duty:
The working pressure of the air compressor is 0.2MPa, do not exceed this limit due to over-speed driving or overload.
Do not switch on or switch off the AM suddenly, it will cause extra damage.
Do not change the spinning direction of the air compressor.
When the pressure is reduced, do not stop the AM suddenly, otherwise the powder will flow backwards, causing damages.
Check the fuel supply and lubrication of the A.M.
The maintenance should be given every 30 hours to clear the air filter. Change the filter after 5 times of maintenance.


3 axle bulk cement tanker trailer sales


Being the professional 2-axle / 3-axle bulk powder tanker semitrailer manufacturer and supplier in China, we CEEC TRUCKS export nearly one hundred units 30-70 CBM cement tanker trailers to Asia Phillippine, Myanmar, etc; Africa Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Algeria, Cameroon, Togo, Ivory Coast etc every year.


3 axle bulk cement tanker trailer Parts

(Above show spare parts provide by China CEEC TRUCKS to meet all customer requirement)


3 axle bulk cement tanker trailer


3 axle bulk cement tanker trailer


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40 m³ Bulk cement semi trailer

Gross weight

10 tons

Outside size


Loading capacity

50T or others


10m³ or other size tank

Tank body

6mm thickness steel

Forehead and back head

6mm thickness steel

Axle weight

13T 3axles or others


12.00R22.5 12pieces or others


8.5-20 12pieces or others


Mechanical suspension or air suspension or others

Leaf spring

10 pieces


JOST brand 50#(2.0”)bolts type or other sizes

Landing gear


Main beam

Height :500mm upper plate is 14mm.middle plate is 8mm.down plate is 16mm.Q345 steel.side beam 16#channel steel


3mm diamond Q235 steel plate

Brake chamber

4 double and 2single chambers


LED light




7 ways(7wire harness)

Tool box

One piece 1m*0.5m*0.5m


3 axle bulk cement tanker trailer


3 axle bulk cement tanker trailer


3 axle bulk cement tanker trailer     3 axle bulk cement tanker trailer


3 axle bulk cement tanker trailer     3 axle bulk cement tanker trailer


China Best Semitrailer on sale



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The bulk cement trailer is normlly used in powder cargo transportation such as cement, mineral powder, ashes, flour, and other powder with diameter less than 0.1mm. The powder is discharged by compressed air generated by the air compressor. The tanker shell is specially desgined to bear the large air pressure. The tank design helps to shorten the discharge time and reduce the residual during unloading. With below advanced features:

1. Various loading capacity.

2. Tank body made from high tension steel plate

3. Good quality air compressor

4. Main components purchased from famous brand


Best supplier for Bulk Cement Trailers China CEEC TRUCKS


20-70CBM bulk cement tanker semitrailer wholesale: 


3 axle bulk cement tanker trailer wholesale


3 axle bulk cement tanker trailer wholesale

(recently 4 units bulk cement trailer will export Togo for powder transportation)


Advanced Warranty for CEEC produced Bulk Cement Trailers:




Main   Frame


1 year

king pin

1 year


6 months

balance arm

3 months

U-shaped bolt

3 months

pull rod

6 months

leaf spring

3 months

landing gear

3 months

spare tire   carrier

3 months

Running Gear


1 year

axle bearing

3 months

wheel rim

3 months


3 months

Braking Device

brake drum

3 months

Relay valve

3 months

brake champer   diaphragm

3 months

spring brake   chamber

3 months

brake shoe

3 months

air tank

3 months


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      40 m³ cement tanker trailer
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