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Successful Cases
Africa - ISUZU FTR vacuum truck and NKR towing truck successfully delivered to Africa


On June 9th, CEEC TRUCKS successfully delivered ISUZU FTR vacuum truck and NKR towing truck from our factory. These ISUZU trucks were delivered within the stipulated time frame and will be shipped to Africa from the Shanghai port via ro-ro.


Isuzu FTR 10000 Liters Vacuum Truck and Isuzu 600P Towing Truck are customized according to customer's requirements to suit the special requirements of the local market. The African market presents unique terrain, weather and infrastructure challenges, so we design our products to meet them. As a supplier of Isuzu special-purpose vehicles, our products have been exported to Africa many times and proved to perform well under African conditions, so they are well received by customers.


High quality ISUZU vacuum tank truck with 10CBM capacity

ISUZU vacuum truck and towing truck are ready for delivery

We are glad to have successfully delivered ISUZU FTR 10000 Liters Vacuum Sewage Truck and ISUZU NKR Wrecker Truck for our customers. As a professional special purpose vehicle manufacturer, CEEC TRUCKS is committed to customization and timely delivery, ensuring our customers receive the best products and services to meet their specific needs. We look forward to continuing to provide our customers with reliable and durable products.

ISUZU wrecker truck for Africa

Custom-made ISUZU vacuum sewage truck and wrecker truck for African market

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