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Ceec trucks manual
Philippines--ISUZU GIGA 8CBM fire truck Manual


Philippines client purchased 2 units ISUZU 4x2 GIGA water fire truck (also called ISUZU Fire fighting truck, High Pressure Fire Rescue Vehicle ISUZU, 18000L Water fire truck, Water Tanker Fire Trucks ISUZU, Japanese ISUZU Water fire truck, ISUZU water & foam firefighting truck) is apply for fire brigade of large and medium city, petrochemical enterprises, airports and harbors and so on, to put our large area fire of oil and other substance. CEEC TRUCKS can supply water fire truck, foam fire truck, Foam and powder fire vehicle, Emergency fire truck, Fire pumper, Industrial fire vehicle, ISUZU GIGA fire trucks and so on. All our fire trucks with huge fire equipment and you can put fire-fighting immediately. This PDF manual detailed introduced the components of top quality multifunctional ISUZU fire rescue truck and teach end user how to operate the truck.



Chapter 1,Summarize-----------------------------------------------------------------------3
Chapter 2,Main Technical Specification--------------------------------------------------4
Chapter 3,Assembly Type and Structure------------------------------------------------5
Chapter4,Firefighting  Truck Operation Instruction-----------------------------------15
Chapter 5,Other Fire Equipment Brief Introduction-----------------------------------22
Chapter 6,Attentions in Using-------------------------------------------------------------24
Chapter 7,Maintenance---------------------------------------------------------------------26
Chapter 8,Common Malfunctions and Eliminating Methods in Pump System--28
Chapter 9,Technical Equipment-----------------------------------------------------------30
Chapter 10,Attached Technology Files---------------------------------------------------31

 ISUZU GIGA Water Fire Truck Manual--Philippines

 ISUZU GIGA Water Fire Truck Manual--Philippines

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