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Brand new HOWO RHD 371HP 20CBM refuse compactor truck with low price

Howo 10 wheeler 20 cbm garbage transportation truck

HOWO RHD 20cbm waste compactor truck, HOWO 6×4 right hand drive heavy duty truck chassis, equipped with WEICHAI 371HP diesel engine, 10-shift transmission gear. CAN-bus control system for easy operation. All painting and logos based on customers requirement.

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    China CEEC
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    China Main Port
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    20 Days
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20 CBM compactor body



HOWO RHD Rear Load Garbage Truck (also called HOWO garbage compression truck, HOWO RHD rear loader, HOWO waste compactor truck, back load garbage truck, HOWO trash compactor truck, garbage compactor manufacturer) is designed for daily rubbish transport in such living areas as all kinds of cities, large station, port and wharf, airport, and densely-populated areas like industrial and mineral enterprises and military units.


CEEC TRUCKS rubbish compactor truck employ a variety of technologies to improve their efficiency, safety and sustainability.


Howo brand Garbage trash comp,actor yard trucks waste are, used to construction collect debris and transport, solid and waste hazardous from residential materials. and The commercial trucks areas are to designed disposal to compress sites. the waste The using comp hyactordraul truck hasics, a which makes hydraulic mechanism it that easier compress toes transport larger quantities the waste of waste in inside, a increasing the single amount of trip waste. 


---- HOWO chassis, perfect performance

---- WEICHAI engine, super powerful; reliable performance, no overhaul within 100,000 km.

---- Compression body capacity from 3 to 20 Cublic Meter.

---- Easy operation and easy maintenance.

---- Various types of refuse container lifter are available.




HOWO 6×4 rubbish compactor truck (20 cbm)


Vehicle Brand


Chassis Brand


Overall Dimension

9000 * 2300 * 2950 mm

GVW / Kerb Weight

25,000kg / 12,800kg


Cab Capacity

3 persons allowed

Air Conditioner

Heating/cooling air conditioner


Fuel Type


Engine Brand



371 HP (272 KW)


9726 ml

Emission Standard

Euro 2


Drive Type

6X4, (right hand drive)


HW19710 10 speed levers with 2 reverse

Wheelbase/No. of axle

4325+1350mm / 3

Tire Specification

80R 22.5

Tire Number

10 tires and 1 spare tire

Max Speed

95 km/h


Metallic paint


Body capacity

20 cbm

Fill Hopper capacity

1.2 cbm

Sewage tank

 200 liters

Filling work cycly time

 20~25 s

Discharge model

Horizontal Ejection

Control system

Electrically Hydraulic control

Manual hydraulic control

Control panel

English or Your language

All standard accessories: Dust bin lifter,Ladder, warning lights, Emergency stop button,              

handrail, fire extinguisher, basic tool kit, English manual……


** Back alarm and Camera can be equipped.

** Italy mulit-valve can be choose.

** 240L (single bin or double bin) or standard 660 L, 1100 L bins with bin lifter can be choose.


20CBM garbage compactor truck

(China top trash compactor truck manufacturer, factory supplies garbage compactor trucks)


Key words: Garbage compactor, rear loader, rubbish compactor truck

China premium waste compactor manufacturer, can produce refuse compactor bodies based on different brand truck chassis. We can supply China brand rear loader trucks, ISUZU brand rubbish compactor truck and other good quality trash compactor trucks. If you have inquiry on garbage compactors, just find CEEC TRUCKS,

Refuse compactor trucks are important because they help to keep our environment clean and healthy. They are used for collecting, compressing, and transporting waste materials such as garbage and recyclable items. By compressing the waste, these trucks can carry a larger amount of waste than traditional garbage trucks, which means fewer trips to the landfill or recycling facilities. This results in reduced traffic, fuel consumption, and emissions from vehicles. The compaction process also reduces the volume of waste and minimizes the risk of pollution and health hazards.

1. Waste reduction: The refuse compactor truck helps in reducing the size of waste by compacting it. This enables more waste to be stored in the truck, leading to fewer trips to the dumpsite, thus reducing the time and cost of waste disposal.

2. Improved sanitation: The compacted waste leads to a cleaner environment as it is easier to handle and dispose of. The truck helps in keeping the streets and neighborhoods free of litter, preventing the breeding of disease-carrying pests.

3. Time-saving: The refuse compactor truck can load waste effectively and quickly, reducing the time taken to collect and dispose of waste. This allows the waste management system to be more efficient and saves on labor costs.

In conclusion, the refuse compactor truck plays a significant role in waste management. It helps to maintain cleanliness, reduce waste, save time and costs, protect the environment, and ensure good health for people living in surrounding areas.

20 CBM compactor body

20CBM garbage compactor truck

CEEC trucks 5000 square meters workshop for garbage compactor trucks.

garbage compactor truck


garbage compactor truck



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      Howo 10 wheeler 20 cbm garbage transportation truck
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