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Caribbean Sea St Martin--ISUZU 5CBM Hook Loader Truck Manual


Caribbean Sea St Martin client purchased 1 unit ISUZU hook lift garbage truck with 5 garbage bins (also called roll on roll off garbage truck, hook loader container truck, hook lift truck, hook lift garbage truck, hook loader, detachable garbage container truck, garbage collection truck, carriage removable garbage truck, hook lifting garbage truck), which mainly used to collect and transport municipal solid waste, widely used in residence community, hospital, municipal environmental section, garbage collection and transportation station, etc.The ISUZU 5CBM roll on roll off refuse truck is produced based on ISUZU 4x2 LHD chassis. This PDF manual detailed introduced what is the size of a hook lift and teach end user right way to operate the hook loader truck.




Chapter1.General Description-----------------------------------------------5

Chapter 2,Main Technical Data----------------------------------------------6

Chapter 3,Hook loader Truck Structure Components -----------------7

Chapter4,Hook Loader Truck Working Principles-----------------------9

           ,How are the Hook Loader Trucks working--------------------9

           ,What is the main component for truck------------------------9

           , How to operate hook loader trucks?.(Very Important)----10

Chapter5,Others for Attention----------------------------------------------13


St Martin--ISUZU 5CBM Hook Loader Truck Manual

St Martin--ISUZU 5CBM Hook Loader Truck Manual

St Martin--ISUZU 5CBM Hook Loader Truck Manual


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