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Ethopia - 10 units foton garbage compactor truck for exporting


On November 10th , 2019, 10 units foton garbage compactor truck is successfully deliveryed to shanghai seaport, china.  .  These foton refuse compactor trucks will be used for Ethiopia government.

Foton garbage compactor truck

Client: Ethiopia customer Mr Mohamed

Project: Government city project 

Year: 2019,11

Project Background:

Ethiopia customer Mr Mohamed has found us from the internet .He get deep impression on our professionalism and quality assurance on garbage compactor trucks. After comparing with other waste compactor truck supplier in china, he finally choose us as the partners.  In the end of 2019 year, he place order of 10 units foton garbage compactor trucks.


  We are professional foton garbage compactor truck supplier and exporter, can produce kinds of waste compactor trucks as customer's requirement.Currently , we can produce foton 5 CBM garbage compactor truck, foton 8 CBM refuse compactor truck, foton 15 CBM refuse compactor truck.


Key Pointes:

Foton garbage compactor truck


foton garbage compactor truck

 10 units foton garbage compactor in front of our plant.

foton garbage compactor truck

All foton waste compactor trucks are painted into white colour.

foton garbage compactor truck

we are professional rear loader manufacturer on foton truck chassis.

foton garbage compactor truck

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