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Philippines--ISUZU 4x4 offroad 6 Tons dump truck manual


Philippines Cebu client purchased 2 unit ISUZU ELF/NQR 4x4 offroad 5tons tipper truck (also called ISUZU 4X4 tipping truck, ISUZU 4X4 dumper truck, ISUZU all wheel drive dump truck, ISUZU mini off-road dump truck, 6 wheels Sand tipper truck, ISUZU HYVA Lifting Tipping Truck) is a truck used for transporting oose material, such as sand, gravel, coal, dirt, etc. CEEC TRUCK dump truck is manufactured with the cutting-edge technology and components in the world such as WABCO double-cylinder air compressor, brake valve, HYVA front or middle hydraulic system, etc. This PDF manual detailed introduced the components of top quality dumper truck and teach end user how to operate the truck. Also inform worldwide that from CEEC TRUCKS can buy best quality ISUZU tipper trucks!

Chapter 1,General Description------------------------------------------------------5
Chapter 2,Main Technical Data------------------------------------------------------6
Chapter 3,What is Dump Truck ----------------------------------------------------7
           ⅰ,Dump Truck Basic Structure--------------------------------------------7
           ⅱ,Dump Truck Working Principle -----------------------------------------8
           ⅲ,Dump Truck Off-Road Function Notice (Important)-----------------9
Chapter 4,How to Operate Dump Truck------------------------------------------11
           ⅰ,Dump Truck Introduction-------------------------------------------------11
           ⅱ,Dump Truck Operation Guidance (Very Important) ----------------12
Chapter 5,Others for Attention------------------------------------------------------15
Chapter 6,Troubleshooting ----------------------------------------------------------16

Philippines--ISUZU 4x4 offroad 6 Tons dump truck

Philippines--ISUZU 4x4 offroad 6 Tons dump truck

Philippines--ISUZU 4x4 offroad 6 Tons dump truck

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