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Company News
Tanzania-Beiben RHD 2638 dump truck exported by CEEC TRUCKS


On February 24, 2024, CEEC TRUCKS successfully exported a batch of Beiben 2638 dump trucks to Tanzania. With its excellent self-unloading function, unique design features and outstanding performance advantages, this model has injected new vitality into Tanzania's logistics and transportation market.

Beiben 2638 tipper trucks for Tanzania

Beiben 2638 dump truck focuses on practicality and efficiency in design. The body structure is strong and durable and can withstand the test of various harsh environments and complex road conditions. Its self-unloading function is one of the highlights. Through the advanced hydraulic system and high-strength cargo box design, a fast and smooth unloading process is achieved, greatly improving transportation efficiency. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with an efficient power system and intelligent control system to ensure excellent performance and stability under various working conditions.

Beiben 380HP RHD mining dump truck 

In Tanzania, Beiben 2642 dump trucks will be widely used in fields such as earthmoving engineering, mining and logistics transportation. Its powerful carrying capacity and efficient self-unloading function will help local companies improve transportation efficiency, reduce operating costs, and provide strong support for infrastructure construction.

Beiben 6×4 RHD tipper truck for sale

This export not only demonstrates the strength of CEEC TRUCKS in the field of heavy trucks, but also provides strong support for Tanzania's infrastructure construction and logistics transportation. In the future, CEEC TRUCKS will continue to strive to improve product quality and service levels, and provide better truck products and services to global customers.

High quality Beiben 10 wheeler mining tipper trucks

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