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Company News
Congo-5 units Beiben 10 wheeler tipper trucks exported from CEEC TRUCKS


On March 28, 2024, CEEC TRUCKS successfully exported a batch of orange Beiben 2638 dump trucks to the Republic of the Congo, marking a further expansion of the company's influence in the international market.

Beiben 10 wheeler tipper trucks for sale

The Beiben 2638 dump trucks, with their distinctive orange exterior and powerful self-unloading function, have attracted widespread attention in the Congolese market. The sleek body lines exude a strong sense of power, while the orange paintwork makes them a beautiful sight on construction sites.


The self-unloading function of the Beiben 2638 dump trucks is a major highlight. Equipped with an efficient hydraulic system, the vehicles can quickly unload cargo within a short period of time, significantly improving transportation efficiency. This feature is especially useful in scenarios such as mines and construction sites in the Republic of the Congo, meeting customers' urgent need for efficient transportation.

Beiben dump truck for Congo

In addition, the Beiben 2638 dump trucks also excel in stability and durability. With a solid body structure and high-quality components, the vehicles ensure stable operation even in harsh environments. At the same time, the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicles are relatively simple, reducing customers' operating costs.


As a leader in the domestic heavy-duty truck manufacturing industry, CEEC TRUCKS has always been committed to providing high-quality, high-performance heavy-duty trucks. The successful export of the Beiben 2638 dump trucks to the Republic of the Congo not only demonstrates the company's strength and technical level but also provides strong support for the infrastructure construction and logistics transportation in the country.

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