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Togo customer visiting CEEC buying FOTON prime mover


Project in Togo Country


Client: Togo customer

Project: Togo capital Lome project

Year: 2017.06

Project Background: Our customer living in Togo capital city Lome, who run a big Oil company and need towing trucks to deliver the oil tank semitrailers. We CEEC engineers immediately made the official suggestion when received the requirement, which based on the Lome local street condition. After short time discussion, customer final accept our suggestion and choose FOTON 6x4 model tractor truck, which will be used in Lome for oil semitrailer towing project.

Key Pointes:

       → FOTON tractor truck

       → Fuel Tanker semitrailer

       → One Year warranty with genuine spare parts                       

 Togo customer visiting CEEC for Foton towing truck

Why customer prefer CEEC TRUCKS supply tractor trucks?                         

Foton 6x4 tractor trucks provided by authorized FOTON tractor trucks supplier CEEC, with relativerly lower price

FOTON tractor head use American CUMMINS & Germany DAIMLER technology provide best quality products.

The gearboxes can be ZF and Fuller Fast, which is same with Germany Mercedes Benz heavy trucks.

CUMMINS brand high quality super powerful engine, with Horse Power range from 210 to 500PS

Bosch Common Rail injection, the Euro 2 with linear pump, motor and brake valve MAN Exhaust (Jack-Brake), among other qualities.


beiben 2538 prime mover dimension

(Technical drawing for FOTON 6x4 tractor head) 


Please kindly read below inform to know more about CEEC produced tractor trucks:

Best selling model Beiben Tractor Trucks (http://www.ceectrucks.com/beiben-tractor-truck_c1)

Customer designed FOTON Prime Mover (http://www.ceectrucks.com/foton-tractor-truck_c147)
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