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CEEC TRUCKS supply beiben heavy duty trucks mainly use WD615 & WP series engines, are widely used in beiben prime movers, beiben tipper trucks, beiben fuel tanker trucks, beiben offroad trucks, beiben sanitation trucks, etc.

Detailed classification for WD615 series can be as below WD615.61/71 (260HP), WD615.67/77 (280HP), WD615.68/78 (310HP), WD615.30 (300hp), WD615.31 (310HP), WD615.34 (340HP), WD615.38 (380HP), WD615.44 (320HP), WD615.46 (360HP), WD615.50 (280HP), WD615.58 (240HP), WD615.56 (262HP), etc.

Detailed classification for WP series can be as below WP4.150 (150HP), WP4.165 (165HP), WP4.180 (180HP), WP6.210 (210HP), WP6.240 (240HP), WP7.300 (300HP), WP10.240 (240HP), WP10.270 (270HP), WP10.290 (290HP), WP10.300 (300HP), WP10.336 (336HP), WP10.340 (340HP), WP10.380 (380HP), WP10.300 (300HP), WP12.375 (375HP)


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