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Isuzu 10 cbm diesel transfer truck made in China

Isuzu 10 cbm diesel transfer truck

ISUZU 10,000 liters refueling truck for sale, ISUZU left hand drive 4×2 chassis, 6-shift manual gearbox,ISUZU 4KH1 190HP diesel engine, standard fuel  tanker, famous brand fuel pump as standard. All painting and logos depend on requirement.

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    China CEEC
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    China Main Port
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    20 Days
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    T/T, West Union
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Isuzu 10 cbm diesel transfer truck



ISUZU fuel transfer tanker truck (also called ISUZU oil tanker truck, ISUZU fuel tanker truck, ISUZU fuel bowser, ISUZU fuel delivery truck, factory price diesel transportation truck, ISUZU fuel bowser with double dispenser, oil/diesel/petrol tank manufacturer) is designed to transport and deliver fuel or other petroleum products from one location to another. Our tank is specially designed to securely hold and transport large quantities of flammable liquids, such as gasoline, diesel, or aviation fuel. It's used in the logistics and transportation industry to deliver fuel to gas stations, airports, construction sites, and other facilities that require a constant supply of fuel.


CEEC TRUCKS fuel bowser can be divided into many compartments to transport different types of fuels, lubricant, crude oil, alcohol...


The fuel truck can be equipped with oil pump and refueling machine, all for easy operation.


 Key Features:         


---- ISUZU chassis, perfect performance

---- ISUZU engine option, super powerful, no overhaul within 100,000 km.

---- Fuel Tanker body capacity from 3 to 20 Cublic Meter.

---- Easy operation and easy maintenance.

---- Various types of refuse container lifter are available.

The Isuzu 10 cbm diesel tank truck has complete internal facilities, including standard accessories such as manholes, ladders, anti-static belts, anti-skid walking paths, handrails, fire extinguishers, etc. Flow meters, oil dispensers, hose reels and nozzles can also be optionally installed according to customer needs. equipment. In addition, Isuzu NPR oil tank truck can also be equipped with optional insulation heating system, bottom loading system, etc. to meet the needs of different customers. In short, the Isuzu NPR oil tank truck is a fuel transport truck with stable performance, complete functions, safety and reliability, and is suitable for various fuel transportation scenarios.

Isuzu engine is well-known in the field of fuel transport vehicles for its excellent performance. The Isuzu engine uses advanced VGS variable section turbocharging technology, which allows the engine to explode with powerful torque at a lower speed, providing sufficient power for the Isuzu 10 cbm diesel tank truck, especially when climbing hills and Under heavy load conditions, the power performance is particularly excellent. At the same time, the Ddi overpressure common rail technology it adopts allows the fuel injection pressure to be as high as 180 MPa, which results in better fuel atomization and more complete combustion, effectively reducing fuel consumption and bringing higher fuel efficiency to the Isuzu diesel transfer truck. Economy.

 Isuzu 10 cbm diesel tank truck

The Isuzu NPR 10 cbm diesel tank truck adopts a six-airbag air suspension system, which can be adjusted according to the driving status of the truck and the weight of the vehicle to ensure the stability and comfort of the vehicle body. Both the front and rear axles are equipped with balance bar assemblies, which can effectively ensure the stability of the Isuzu NPR diesel tank truck when driving or making sharp turns and prevent the body from shaking left and right. At the same time, the chassis also strengthens the front and rear tensile resistance and compression resistance, allowing the Isuzu NPR 10 cbm diesel tank truck to better absorb and buffer road impacts during driving, further improving driving stability and comfort.

Isuzu 10 cbm diesel tank truck

These advantages of Isuzu's engine and chassis have significantly promoted the improvement of Isuzu 10 cbm diesel tank truck. First of all, strong power and excellent fuel economy can improve the working efficiency of oil tanker trucks and reduce operating costs. Secondly, excellent chassis design can ensure that the tanker truck remains stable under complex and changeable road conditions, reducing potential safety hazards caused by bumps and shaking. Finally, these advanced technologies can also bring a better driving experience to the Isuzu 10 cbm diesel tank truck, reduce the driver's work intensity and improve their work efficiency.



ISUZU RHD Fuel Tanker Truck (10,000 liters)


Vehicle Brand


Chassis Brand


Overall Dimension

6800 * 2300 * 2650 mm

GVW / Kerb Weight

11,000kg / 4,800kg


Cab Capacity

2 people  allowed

Air Conditioner

Heating/cooling air conditioner


Fuel Type


Engine Brand



190 HP


  2990 ml

Emission Standard

Euro 5 or 6


Drive Type

4X2 (left/right hand drive)


Manual 6 speed levers with 1 reverse

Wheelbase/No. of axle

3815 mm / 2

Tire Specification


Tire Number

6 tires and 1 spare tire

Max Speed

95 km/h


Metallic paint


Body capacity

10,000 Litres

Tanker Material

Carbon Steel


Fuel pump equipped for overhead delivery

Suction head

6 m


High quality, wire strengthened hose,

with cooper wire, anti-static

Refueling Machine

Equipped based on customer requirement

Control panel

English or Your language

All standard accessories: manhole, ladder, anti-static belt, anti-slip walkway, handrail, fire extinguisher, inlet, discharge, reflective stickers...


** Tank material could be carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum (Aluminum tanker).

** It can be divided into many compartments.

** Imported American pump as optional.

** Devices can be equipped: flow meter, fuel dispenser, hose reel & nozzle, level gauge, etc

** Heat preservation & heating system could be added.

** Bottom loading system can be equipped.


Isuzu 10 cbm diesel transfer truck

(Professional Fuel/Oil/LPG tanker truck manufacturer in China)

CEEC TRUCKS is a professional Fuel/Diesel/Petrol/LPG refueling trucks manufacturer. We can provide ISUZU fuel tanker truck, HOWO refueling truck, FOTON diesel transportation truck, Dongfeng fuel bowser truck, etc. The capacity of fuel tanker can be 3,000-40,000 liters. Our fuel trucks are very popular in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America because of the high quality and low price. 

Euro 5 type, ISUZU engine, super powerful

China famous fuel pump super powerful, efficient pump in and out

12 months fast moving spare parts for FREE

Authorized ISUZU fuel tank trucks exporter

Training service for oil tanker trucks

Isuzu 10 cbm diesel transfer truck

Isuzu 10 cbm diesel transfer truck

CEEC TRUCKS is a leading exporter of fuel tanker trucks in China. We possess over 10-year export experience of fuel bowser trucks. We can ensure the fast delivery time and 12 months guarantee for our refueling trucks. Our oil tanker trucks are sold to more than 80 countries including Eastern Europe and CIS countries, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central and South America, Middle East, etc.

---- Maximize save your sea freight.

---- Professional guidance on your importing documents.

---- Safety, Quickly, Timely


CEEC garbage compactor truck factory review

---- Service more than 60 countries.

----  Professional guidance on your importing documents.

----  CO, FORM E, FORM P, Pre-shipping Inspection...


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      Isuzu 10 cbm diesel transfer truck
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