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Successful Cases
Nigeria - 10 units wrecker and garbage compactor upper body are exported .


On October 20, 2022, 10 units wrecker truck body and garbage compactor upper body are delivered to wuhan seaport, China from CEEC factory. These upper structurer will be shipped by 40 FT container.

10 units wrecker upper body and garbage compactor body are exported to Nigeria.

ClientMr. Ajani Ovlasu

Project: Government City project in Lagos, Nigeria.

Year: 2022,October

Project Background:

Mr. Ovlasu have established a small trucks work shop in Lagos city, Nigeria country. In the past years, he usually purchased some special purpose trucks from china , like wrecker truck, garbage compactor truck .  The annual order quantity is almost 10-20 units trucks , During the coronavirus spread all over the world, his workshop is locked for long time. and the business situation is very tough. Some customer is complained about the high price of the whole truck due to the customs duty .  Mr Ovlasu carefully analyze the feedback from customer, he finally inquiry some wrecker body and garbage compactor truck upper body from us  . After several weeks of comparison, he send the truck chassis CAD drawing to our engineer, we strictly take into production , to ensure 100% suitable for the truck chassis. 

After the 30 units waste compactor trucks are finished, the third part inspection company will visit our company and make the pre shipment inspection.

The Wrecker truck upper body are based on ISUZU NQR truck chassis , which are equipped with ISUZU 98 hp diesel chassis, 6-speed manual gearbox. The payload capacity is 3 ton

We CEEC TRUCKS, as China premium manufacturer and exporter of wrecker truck, can offer our customers high quality waste refuse compactor trucks at best price, the truck chassis can be different brands.


Key Points:

  wrecker truck upper body

  Garbage compactor upper body

wrecker truck upper body

wrecker truck upper body into container.

wrecker truck

The wrecker truck upper body is in Q550 high strength steel, very reliable.

garbage compactor truck upper body

Garbage compactor truck upper body is into container .

wrecker truck upper body

6 CBM isuzu garbage comapctor truck for deliverying.

garbage compactor truck upper body

skip loader truck upper body into container.

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