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CEEC TRUCKS is a premium manufacturer and supplier of ISUZU GIGA speical purpose vehicles. We can customize ISUZU sanitation special purpose trucks, we have many years experience on manufacturing ISUZU GIGA garbage compactor truckISUZU GIGA water tanker trucks,

ISUZU GIGA vacuum tanker trucks. We can provide customers with high-quality ISUZU GIGA trucks according to requirements. Our ISUZU GIGA tractor truck, ISUZU GIGA dump trucks, ISUZU GIGA fuel tanker trucks, ISUZU GIGA refuse compactor trucksISUZU GIGA road sweeper trucks are exported to more than 50 countries. Our ISUZU GIGA trucks won the trust of customers because of high quality.



Engine Model

Rated Power


Driving Mode

ISUZU GIGA Water tanker truck


380 hp

12,000 L

4 x 2

ISUZU GIGA Cargo truck


380 hp

10 T

4 x 2

ISUZU GIGA Garbage compactor truck


380 hp

20 CBM

6 x 4

ISUZU GIGA Dump truck


380 hp

40 T

6 x 4

ISUZU GIGA Tractor truck


420 hp

40 T

6 x 4

ISUZU GIGA Fire truck


420 hp

12 CBM

6 x 4

  • ISUZU GIGA super highway inspection truck
    ISUZU Road inspection vehicle

    350 Hp, In stock for sale

    ISUZU GIGA road checking truck

    ISUZU GIGA road inspection vehicle for sale

    ISUZU GIGA van truck

    ISUZU GIGA cargo truck

  • ISUZU FTR prisoner transport truck
    ISUZU FTR Prisoner Transport Van

    205 Hp, 15 person


    ISUZU FTR prisoner delivery truck

    ISUZU FTR cargo truck

    ISUZU FTR van truck

    ISUZU 6 wheeler cargo truck

  • ISUZU 10CBM Cement Mixer - CEEC
    ISUZU 10CBM Cement Mixer

    380 Hp, 10 CBM drum

    10 CBM drum

    ISUZU GIGA Concrete mixer truck

    Cement mixer vehicle

    Transit mixing truck

    ISUZU concrete vehicle

  • ISUZU FTR Mobile Stage Truck - CEEC
    ISUZU FTR Mobile Stage Truck

    205 Hp, 7.6m van

    ISUZU Outdoor Show Truck

    Good quality mobile advertising truck

    ISUZU FTR Stage Truck

  • ISUZU GIGA Tractor truck
    ISUZU GIGA 6x4 Tractor unit

    380 HP, 40 ton towing capacity

    ISUZU GIGA Tractor unit

    ISUZU GIGA Traction truck

    ISUZU GIGA prime mover

    Good price ISUZU GIGA Tractor trailer

    ISUZU GIGA Tractor head

  • ISUZU GIGA Tractor head - CEEC
    ISUZU GIGA Tractor head

    380 HP, 40 ton towing weight

    6x4 Traction unit

    ISUZU prime mover

    ISUZU GIGA Tractor

    Towing truck head

  • ISUZU 4×2 Aluminum alloy cargo truck
    ISUZU Aluminum alloy Van Truck

    190 HP, 30 CBM van

    ISUZU 4×2 van lorry

    ISUZU Aluminum alloy box van

    ISUZU cargo truck

    ISUZU van cargo truck

  • ISUZU GIGA 20CBM Water Bowser Truck - CEEC
    ISUZU GIGA 20CBM Water Bowser Truck

    380 HP, 20,000 liters

    20,000L Water Spraying Truck ISUZU GIGA

    ISUZU 6x4 Water tanker truck

    ISUZU GIGA 20cbm Water sprinkling truck

    ISUZU GIGA Water Truck

  • 10,000L Dry Powder Fire Truck - CEEC
    10,000L Dry Powder Fire Truck

    5 CBM water, 3 CBM foam, 2 CBM dry powder

    Fire protection truck

    City firefighting vehicle

    ISUZU GIGA Fire rescue truck

    ISUZU GIGA fire truck

    ISUZU GIGA fire engine

  • ISUZU GIGA Dry powder Fire fighting truck for sale
    ISUZU GIGA 12 wheeler Fire Truck

    12 CBM water, 3 CBM foam, 2 CBM powder

    ISUZU GIGA 8×4 Fire rescue truck

    ISUZU GIGA water and dry powder fire vehicle

    ISUZU GIGA Fire engine manufacturer

  • ISUZU GIGA Van truck for Philippines
    ISUZU GIGA Cargo truck

    380 HP, 10 ton load capacity

    ISUZU GIGA Van truck

    ISUZU Cargo truck

    ISUZU GIGA Lorry truck

    ISUZU GIGA cargo lorry

  • ISUZU GIGA 4×2 water sprinkling truck
    ISUZU GIGA Water Spray Truck

    380 HP, 12 tons

    Drinking Water Truck

    ISUZU GIGA stainless steel Water tank truck

    ISUZU GIGA truck supplier

  • ISUZU GIGA Waste compactor truck - CEEC
    ISUZU GIGA Waste compactor truck

    380 HP, CAN-BUS control

    ISUZU GIGA Rear loader garbage vehicle

    Rear-loading rubbish truck

    ISUZU GIGA Compressing refuse truck

    Garbage compactor truck

  • ISUZU GIGA Combined jetting truck
    ISUZU GIGA Sewer Jetting Truck

    15 CBM sewer tank, 5 CBM water tank

    ISUZU 20cbm Combination jetting truck

    ISUZU high pressure sewer jetting truck

    ISUZU Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning truck truck

    ISUZU GIGA Sewer cleaner truck

    ISUZU GIGA combined jet/vac truck

  • 6x4 Tractor Truck ISUZU GIGA - CEEC
    6x4 Tractor Truck ISUZU GIGA

    380 HP, 40 tons towing weight

    Towing truck head ISUZU GIGA

    ISUZU GIGATrailer tractor head truck

    ISUZU GIGA Semi truck tractor ISUZU

  • ISUZU GIGA 8×4 water spraying truck
    ISUZU GIGA 12 wheeler Water bowser

    380 HP, 20 CBM tank

    drinking water truck

    ISUZU GIGA water sprinkler truck

    ISUZU GIGA 12,000 liters Water tanker truck

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